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Dorothea van Zyl, director of the Woordfees, was honoured with a prestigious Dutch/Flemish award at the annual Woordfees dinner, on Saturday evening (8 March). She received the Visser-Neerlandia prize for among others her role in starting the Woordfees in 2000 and expanding it to become one of the three biggest, mainly Afrikaans cultural festivals in South Africa; her initiative to start the Woorde Open Wêrelde project in 2003, through which more than 180 000 people in seven provinces were reached, as well as her work to strengthen relations between South Africa and the Netherlands since 1991. (Stellenbosch University news). She also was awarded a special certificate by the SA Akademie vir Wetenskap en Kuns for her great contribution since 1999 as organizer of the US Woordfees and for her expertise in many areas she makes available to the Academy. Photo: handing over the Woordtrofee for Music 2014 to Laurica Rauch.

Winner of the kykNET-Rapport Book award 2014:

Bill Nasson
Albert Grundlingh
& Bill Nasson
for Die Oorlog Kom Huis Toe, Tafelberg, 2013

Marlene van Niekerk
Marlene van Niekerk, has won the Hertzog Prize 2014 for her first collection of poetry in 30 years, Kaar (Human & Rousseau). She also received the Elisabeth Eybers Prize for poetry and the UJ Prize for creative writing in Afrikaans.
Etienne Van Heerden
Etienne Van Heerden

W.A. Hofmeyr prize 2014 for Klimtol
M.E.R.- prize 2014 for best illustrated children's book:
In die land van pamperlang
In die land van pamperlang

by Linda Rode
illustrated by Johann Strauss
Daniel Hugo
Daniel Hugo, received the SA Akademieprys 2014 for translation:
Sprakeloos by Tom Lanoye
Marié Heese
Marié Heese
Woordtrofee vir 'n gevestigde skrywer for Vuurklip and Karoo-Kantate
Lindie Koorts
Lindie Koorts
Woordtrofee vir beste debuutskrywer for DF Malan and the Rise of Afrikaner Nationalism / DF Malan en die opkoms van Afrikaner-nasionalisme, Tafelberg 2014
Detlev G. Kröger

Detlev Kröger

31 July 1939 - 16 March 2014

In memoriam

Hennie Aucamp by Philip de Vos
Hennie Aucamp

20 January 1934 - 20 March 2014

In memoriam in Die Burger

Edward Brown

Edward Brown
August 1930 - June 2014

Emeritus Professor of Ecclesiology at Stellenbosch University

Academy to honour a number of SU academics

Francois Verster

Winner of the Maskew Miller Longman youth novel competition 2013 (Afrikaans books), for Een teen Adamastor
Ode Krige
Ode Krige
won the prize for best poem of the Bloemfontein Skrywersvereniging, 2013
Her poem has been included in INKVARS 2013 which can be ordered from the Bloemfontein Skrywersvereniging (at R75).
Elise Bodley
Elise Bodley
Photo by Annari van der Merwe
Botanical artist and first principal of the P J Olivier Art Centre in Stellenbosch from 1952 to 1953
See her superb paintings at the P J Olivier Art Centre until 19 September 2013
Geraldine Mitton
Geraldine Mitton's
new book on CLETO SAPORETTI(Read more)
Louise Viljoen

Louise Viljoen
has launched her new book, Ingrid Jonker,

Hermann Giliomee
Hermann Giliomee

was awarded the N.P. van Wyk Louw Medal, 2013

Albert M Grundlingh

was awarded the Stals Prize 2013 for History

Elizabet Wassermann was awarded the Alba Bower Prize for children's literature
for the Anna series: Anna Atoom En Die Seerower Se Dolk, Anna Atoom En Die Magnetiese Meermin and Anna Atoom En Die Digitale Draak

Temple Hauptfleisch in 2011
Temple Hauptfleisch won the Kanna Kuns Onbeperkprys 2013
Ingrid Winterbach
Ingrid Winterbach

won the Hertzog Prize for the second time and
the NB publisher's Groot Afrikaanse Romanwedstryd 2012 for
Die aanspraak van lewende wesens


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