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Marlise launching her new book
Nicol Stassen, [hoofbestuurder van Protea Boekhuis], Marlise Joubert and Marina le Roux
Photo by Louis Esterhuizen

Woordfees 2004

13 March at Protea Book Shop     Click photos to enlarge

Lina Spies
Lina Spies presented her 8th poetry book:
Duskant die Einders. She talked to Etienne Britz.
Marlise Joubert and Marina le Roux talk about Marlise's new novel:
Ateljee van Glas, Protea Boekhuis, 2004

Portrait Marlise          
Louis Esterhuizen, poet and manager of Protea Bookshop in Stellenbosch, makes the announcements

Piet Grobler and Philip de Vos present their new book with Philip's Limericks: Mallemeuleman, and talk about the books they created together.

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Photos by Rosie Breuer

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