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My fees for the Design of a Website

Special rates: (valid only for approved pages in this website)
Stellenbosch artists and Stellenbosch authors First page Rand 300, additional pages: Rand 200. Updates gratis

Gallery with up to 12 photos sent via e-mail: Rand 500. Updates gratis.

Guests: Those of you who come to Stellenbosch to perform or exhibit can ask us to make a webpage for them as a guest. Their names (with link to their page) will be found on the authors and artists lists.

Guest authors page: Rand 400
Guest artists' gallery including up to 12 pictures: Rand 600


Independent website:

Homepage of up to 5 pages............... ... Euro 500  (Rand 2 000)
includes up to 12 pictures and preliminary consultation

Homepage of 1 page................. ... Euro 300  (Rand 1000)
includes up to 5 pictures and preliminary consultation

Installation on internet not included
includes upload, checks, debugging and counter

Servicing and further work ...... ... Euro 30/h  (Rand 300 per hour)

* * *

Rosemarie Breuer, Somerset West, South Africa 

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