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Dogs of Stellenbosch Authors

Harald and Nemo Breuer at play
Harald and Nemo Breuer at play

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Wotan Breuer
Wotan Breuer
Domino & Ylva

Domino & Ylva Breuer
are excellent friends

Franzi Breuer
Franzi Breuer with her first
daughter, Domino

Jo-Marie's granddoggie: Mini Claassen
Cora Coetzee's Collie
Kwassie Coetzee
Cora's Collie
Rachelle Greeff
Rachelle Greeff with her dog
Etienne van Heerden
Abel van Heerden

Simon Heyns
Louis Krüger and snowy dog
Louis Krüger and snowy dog
Marius Titus
Marius Titus and his Border collie
Photo by Eikestadnuus
Emma Uys, a wonderful Old English Sheepdog
Winnie de Vos
Winnie de Vos
Philip's beloved Staffie
(died 2009)
Casper and his children
Casper and his two other mammals
Knibbel van Zyl
Dine's Alsatian

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