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There are two means of refuge from the miseries of life, Music and cats
Albert Schweitzer

Harald - click to enlarge
Rosie & Harald Breuer, 2013
Svarthövte BreuerSvarthövte Breuer went missing from Constantia Avenue in Stellenbosch on 16 February 2010.
I looked all over the place and we hung up posters with a promise for rewards. Cats often hide in a storm drain, when chased by a dog and sometimes get trapped there.
It turned out he was killed by a dog.

Cats of Stellenbosch Authors

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Authors' Dogs

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Aart and William aka Winger in 2005
Aart and William Bijl
Benita van Blerk's cats:
Fräulein and Snowy:


and Snowy
François Bloemhof
François Bloemhof
' cats
His first was Purdey, a ginger female
Felino (a male lilac-point Siamese)
and Thomas (the male ginger).
Seppi & Hoppelhas

Seppi & Hoppelhas Breuer

Ylva - click to enlarge
Ylva Breuer
Rosie's Norwegian Forest Cat
Harald - click to enlarge
Harald Breuer
our Maine Coon at 4 months
Raff is missing you, Klaus
Klaus & Raff Breuer, 1.1.2010
Raff is missing you
Piet & Rottie
Photo by Philip de Vos
Piet & Rottie Grobler
Hubert du Plessis with cat
Hubert du Plessis
Marjorie Wallace
Marjorie Wallace (Rabie) in 2003
Photo by Neville Lockhart
Riana with her Katja
Katja Scheeper
Riana's Cellar Cat
Lina Spies has two cats.
Toesj, Abessinian X Siamese
and Tonya, a Russian Blue
Wilma Stockenström
Photo by Philip de Vos
Wilma Stockenström
Katshu Uys
Katshu Uys
Isabel's Norwegian Forest Cat
Mia Verster
Mia Verster
Francois' Norwegian Forest Cat
Francois Verster
Francois Verster with book and cat

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