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Hans Breuer


Hans Breuer - click for CV

Author of 23 mainly scientific books

A former professor at universities in Canada and the USA
he worked as an independent author and consultant

Hans Adolf Breuer was born on 22 October 1933 in Frankfurt/Main, Germany, and grew up in Berlin.
He studied Physics at the Universities of Berlin (Humboldt University) and Frankfurt (Dipl-Phys 1958, summa cum laude, Dr. phil. nat. 1962, cum laude). He studied Medicine and Modern Literature at the Universities of Innsbruck and Tübingen (1962 - 1964).
Honorary Lecturer at the Department for Bio Medical Engineering, University of Cape Town.

Hans was an independent author and translator of scientific books. He also worked as consultant for lasers in Medicine and had his own company, Stellenbosch Scientific Instruments CC. Together with his sons he wrote a complex planning program for proton - radiotherapy: Proteus. It was the best of its kind for many years.
The story how this project was sabotaged by a jealous colleague, a mediocre physicist, still needs to be told.

Hans was married to Rosemarie, née Berg since 1967. They had three sons, Klaus (1968-2013), Hannes and Florian.

Hans is co-author of the book: Sailing with Piff and Mauz, 2012.
By the way: Hans is 'King Kalinko' in his wife's book in 3 languages (so far),
Zauberer Zettelwitz vom Tafelberg - Table Mountain Wizard - Die Towenaar van Tafelberg (published in 2010, 2011 and 2012)

Hobbies: Adventurous travels, Physics, Writing, Nature, Reading
Sports: Rowing, sailing, tennis and golf
Favourite reading: Science and Science Fiction, journeys and history.
Frans G. Bengtsson, The Long Ships: A Saga of the Viking Age / Die Abenteuer des Röde Orm.
Tony Horwitz, Blue latitudes (Excellent book on Captain Cook)
Science Fiction by Fred Hoyle, The Black Cloud, John Wyndham, The Day of the Triffids and more
Favourite quote: Wer weiß, wozu es gut war!

Hans Breuer died on 19 April 2020 in Somerset West.

Proton Therapy and Radio surgeryPublications:
The dtv-Atlas books on Physics and Chemistry are bestsellers and appear in revised editions every few years. They have been translated into Czech, French, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Polish, Serbian, Slovenian and Spanish with more translations in preparation, including Arabic.
52 journal articles (refereed) and reports, 5 Book contributions,
21 Scientific books and text books in Chemistry, Physics, Physics in Medicine and Computer Sciences,
2 General books (Morocco travel guide and a book on the Inventions and Discoveries of the Far East)
Translations from German: Handbook of Laser in Medicine, Springer 2003
How does MIR work, Springer 2003

1. Dictionary for computer languages (A.P.I.C. studies in data processing)  
Academic Press, London 1966 

2. Experiments in Modern Physics 
University of Saskatchewan Press, Saskatoon, Canada, 1968 

3. Fortran-Fibel 
Bibliographisches Institut, Mannheim, Germany, 1969 

4. Algol-Fibel 
BI, Mannheim, Germany, 1973 

5. PL1-Fibel 
BI, Mannheim, Germany, 1973 

6. Physics for life science students (Prentice-Hall physics series) 
Prentice-Hall, Englewood Cliffs, USA, 1975 

7. Taschenwörterbuch der Programmiersprachen 
Algol, Fortran, PL1 
BI, Mannheim, Germany, 1976 

8. Physik für Mediziner und Naturwissenschaftler (Springer-Lehrbuch) (German Edition)  
Thieme Verlag, Stuttgart, and DTV, München, Germany, 1978 

9. Gebrauchsmathematik 
Adaptation and Translation of : 
Clifford Swartz, Used Math 
DTV, München, Germany 1979 

10. Entdeckt-Erforscht-Entwickelt, Vol 1 
DTV, München, 1981 

11. dtv-Atlas Chemie 1. Allgemeine und anorganische Chemie.  
DTV, München 1981 
10th edition 2004, translated into 9 languages

 12. dtv - Atlas zur Chemie II. Organische Chemie und Kunststoffe. 
DTV, München, 1983 9th edition 2000, translated into 9 languages 
Voted One Of The Best Scientific Books of 1983 
by the Börsenverein des Deutschen Buchhandels 

13. Entdeckt-Erforscht-Entwickelt, Vol.2 
DTV, München, 1983 

14. ..., Klaus Breuer, Die Basic Fibel 
BI-Wissenschaftsverlag, Mannheim, Germany, 1986 

15. dtv-Atlas Physik, Band 1. Mechanik, Akustik, Thermodynamik, Optik. 
DTV, München, 1987 
7th edition 2004, translated into 8 languages 

16. dtv-Atlas Physik, Band 2. Elektrizität, Magnetismus, Festkörper, Moderne Physik.  
DTV, München 1988 
6th edition 2005, translated into 7 languages and more to come 

17. Taschenatlas Physik für Mediziner (Springer-Lehrbuch) (German Edition)
Springer, Heidelberg, 1989 

18. G.G. Jaros, ... : Physics and Chemistry for Nurses 
Butterworth, Durban, South Africa, 1990 

19. Atlas zur Informatik 
DTV, München, Germany, 1995 

20. G.G. Jaros, ... : Physics and Chemistry for Health Care Professionals 
Heinemann, Johannesburg, South Africa, 1997 

21. ..., B. Smit : Proton Therapy and Radio surgery 
Springer, Heidelberg, 2000 

Translation of:
Handbook of Lasers in Medicine 

Springer, Heidelberg, 2000 

22. Marokko 
Kurt Schröder Verlag, Bonn, Germany, 1963, revised edition 1972
23. Kolumbus war Chinese,
Entdeckungen und Erfindungen im Fernen Osten 
Societäts Verlag, Frankfurt, Germany, 1970, 2.edition 1972,
Bookclub 1971
English edition:Herder&Herder, New York, 1972, 
Pocket ed. DTV, 1979 

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The 9th translation Physik Japan
The Japanese (and 9th) translation of dtv Atlas Physik appeared in August 2009

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