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Casper de Vries

Casper de Vries

Actor, comedian, entertainer, composer, director, producer and author of sketches

Casper and his children
Casper and his children
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Casper de Vries was born on 1 June in Pretoria.
After matric in Pretoria he studied Drama at Stellenbosch University. Here he gave the first of his many one man shows. He is also a movie actor. His first film : Leon Schuster, Oh Shucks Here Comes UNTAG, followed by Sweet&Short and Soweto Green.
Casper is unmarried and lives in ConstantiaKloof, Johannesburg, together with "two other mammals: Aziza en Patti" - his two Alsatians.

Hobbies: Part time Reverend (bought title over the Internet), the Internet, collects anything to do with ABBA (dolls, soap, socks, annuals etc)

Casper De Vries - Toet En Taal - Die Millenium Show
Sketches and Shows:

Hallo Suid-Afrika/Hello South Africa, 1986
AU, 1987
Onemanshows/Eenmanwys, 1989
Ziets en De Vries, 1990/91
Small Talks, 1992/93
Gemini, 1994
Ontvries, 1995/96
Walgwors '97! DVD
Casper De Vries - Toet En Taal - Die Millenium Show , 1999 DVD
laatdaarLAGwees, 2000
Toet En Taal Audio Cassette
Dimensie 2001/02,DVD
Die Hits 2003
Snaaks Genoeg 2004

Hoofsaaklik Humor (95)
Meer As Lewendig (96)
WalgWors LIVE (97)
Purgatorius (98)
Ultimate Hits Of The 60\'s - Vol.1 Various Artists Format:CD

CasperRasper - Beste Sketse 3 (2003)
DiMensie (2003)
WETTER! DVD (2003)
Laat Daar Lag Wees DVD (2004)
CasperRasper - Beste Sketse 1 + 2 (2004>

TV shows: (wrote & produced)
Die Casper Rasper - Best from Season 1-3 (3 Discs) Format:DVD, MNET/kykNET (2001-2003)
Haak En Steek DVD, MNET/kykNET (2003)
Egoli Movie Format:DVD
Broeders Ancestors Format:DVD
Mondig - 21 Jaar DVD

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