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Kry vir jou, ou LangklouFrançois Bloemhof

François Bloemhof

Author of novels, thrillers and children's books

François Bloemhof was born on 15 September in Paarl. He studied languages at the University of Stellenbosch (BA) because he always knew he wanted to be a writer. When working with words, whether his own or someone else's, he is in his element and he tries to write the kind of books no one else would think of writing. Whereas some authors write slices of life, he says he has always preferred slices of cake.
Until recently, he worked as fiction editor for Sarie magazine and is currently a copywriter at a language bureau. He writes a monthly column, Fliekfabriek, for Die Burger.
François lives in Durbanville. He is unmarried and, to the best of his knowledge, has no children, except for his three cats.

François' quote:
Geloof is om nie die waarheid te wil weet nie.


Purdey  Felino  Thomas
See also Authors cats
3 cats - Purdey (the original one, a ginger female), Felino (a male lilac-point Siamese) and Thomas (the totally expressionless male ginger).
Watching movies, whether on DVD or in a cinema, listening to music, surfing the Net and reading. Eating chocolates and pizzas.


Nie vir kinders nie1991: Debut Prize of De Kat for Die nag het net een oog
1996: Tafelberg/Sanlam Prize for youth fiction for Slinger-slinger
1998: FNB/Kagiso Prize for Youth Fiction for Die wit huis
ATKV Prize three years running for the youth novels
Die waterding, Kamer 13 and Die speletjie.
2005: Sanlam Prize for Nie vir kinders nie
2007: Stad aan die einde van die wêreld - 2nd. at the Maskew Miller Longman competition (Literature for schools), 2007
Apart from other prizes, his books have also been finalists in several competitions.

He is also co-author of several schoolbooks, including Leerplatform Afrikaans: (Gr 6: Reader), 2004 Author: C. Diedericks-Hugo; D. Fourie; F. Bloemhof; H. Aucamp; J. Reid; J. Robson; J. van Lill; K. Cronje; S. Erasmus; S. Hefer


Die nag het net een oog, Tafelberg, 1991
Die duiwel se tuin, Tafelberg, 1993
Koue soen, Tafelberg, 1994 (finalist in the Sanlam/De Kat competition)
Die dom towenaar, Juta, 1994
Sakkie en die Toffiewolf, Juta, 1994
Bloedbroer, Tafelberg, 1995
Middernagland, Human & Rousseau, 1996
Storieboek, Human & Rousseau, 1996
Die Vrou Met Die Pers Oog, Human & Rousseau, 1996
Donkerwoud, Human & Rousseau, 1996
Dinnie Kaboef, Juta, 1997
Mooidraai Basuin, Human&Rousseau, 1997
Slinger-slinger, Tafelberg, 1997
Nagbesoeker, Human & Rousseau, 1997
Die waterding, Human & Rousseau, 1997
K-TV Holiday Fun, Human & Rousseau, 1997
Kamer 13, Human & Rousseau, 1998
Die wit huis, Perskor, 1998
Hostis, Queillerie, 1998
Die speletjie ( now as e-book)/ The Gotcha Game, Human & Rousseau, 1999, (First book with own computer game) .
Klipgooi, Human & Rousseau, 1999
Die dae to ek Elvis was, Tafelberg, 2000
Kry vir jou, ou Langklou, Human & Rousseau, 2000
'n Tweede asem vir Jan A, Human & Rousseau, 2001
Drie van die bestes: Vrou in die maan, As die regters swyg, Diep moord, LAPA 2001
Hospitaaltyd, Human & Rousseau, 2001
Spinnekoppe in die huis, Nasou, 2002 - Spiders in the house
Agent snoet en die botterdiamant, Lapa, 2002
A day to celebrate, Nasou / Via Afrika, 2002 -
'n Dag om te vier, Nasou / Via Afrika, 2002
My storiestraat, Nasou / Via Afrika, 2002
Wie wil wat wees, Nasou / Via Afrika, 2002
Bright ideas, Nasou / Via Afrika, 2002 -
Blink gedagtes, Nasou / Via Afrika, 2002
Let's make some changes, Nasou, 2002
Donker veld, LAPA 2003
Storiestraat: Grootboek, Nasou / Via Afrika, 2004
Story street: Big Books, Nasou / Via Afrika, 2004
Vampiere in London, Human en Rousseau , 2004
Nie vir kinders nie, Tafelberg, 2005
Agent Snoet en die kattekwaad, Lapa, 2005
Trefkrag (Co-authors: H. Brain, R. Fourie), Nasou / Via Afrika, 2005
Impact, (Co-authors: D. Mentor, Johan van Lill), Nasou / Via Afrika, 2006
Rillers-omnibus (8 books), Human & Rousseau, 2006
Spinnerak, LAPA, 2006
Stad aan die einde van die wêreld, Maskew Miller Longman, 2007
Jagseisoen, - Weet jy waar jou kind is, LAPA, 2007
Rooi Luiperd (New revised ed., 2008)
Agent Snoet En Die Hondelewe, LAPA, 2008
Harde Woorde, Lapa, 2009
Moenie dat die grootmense hoor nie, Tafelberg, 2009
Afspraak in Venesie, Human & Rousseau, 2009
Flipom, Lapa, 2009
Die Genesis-faktor (The third Rooi Luiperd espionage novel), Human & Rousseau, 2010
Agent Snoet en die groen genugtig, LAPA, 2010
Helse Manier om Koebaai Sê, Human & Rousseau, 2011
Die Vrou Met Die Pers Oog (improved and enlarged edition)/The lady with the purple eye, Human & Rousseau, 2011
Donker Plekke, LAPA, 2011
13 Spookstories, LAPA, 2012
Nog 13 Spookstories, LAPA, 2012
Die Land Verby Donker, LAPA, 2012
Jy Weet Wie, LAPA, 2012
The Dark Forest, Human & Rousseau, 2012
Die waterding (Hersiene, Uitgebreide Weergawe), Human & Rousseau, 2012
Old Aunty Claws, Human & Rousseau, 2012
The water creature, Human & Rousseau, 2012
Ou Langklou (Hersiene, Uitgebreide Weergawe), Human & Rousseau, 2012
Moord in die beloofde land, Human & Rousseau, 2013
Die Vampiere Van Londen, Human & Rousseau, 2013
Books/Koue-rillingsKoue rillings (with Jaco Jacobs and Fanie Viljoen), LAPA, 2013
Die Pad Na Jou Hart (after a filmscript by Ivan Botha and Donnalee Roberts), Tafelberg, 2013
Books/Die-Vierde-StemDie vierde stem, Human & Rousseau, 2014
Vir altyd, Tafelberg 2015
Doodskoot, 2016
Vir die voëls, 2016


Text by François Bloemhof   Illustration by Ian Lusted

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