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Jill Adams' Birds (Watercolours)
Some of Jill's birds from The Birds around us
Andre Olwage's Birds (Watercolours)
Nico's Birds of Prey
Nico's Owls
Small birds
Rosie' Turacos
Klaus Kassel at WCNP
Peet's Birds
Bird Potpourri
Awie's Birds
Beautiful Kalahari
Fritz Weaver
Basie van Zyl's birds
Basie's Birds of Prey
Ingo's Birds
Louis Groenewald's birds
Pieter's Raptors
Awie's Water games
Awie's Kalahari Birds
Roland Hill's Birds
John Murray's Birds
Hennie Cilliers' Birds
Pieter La Grange's Birds
Kirsten Frost's Birds
Adam Riley's Birds
Chris Krog's Birds
Michael McSweeney
Mark Drysdale's Birds
Birds Potpourrie 2012
Birds Potpourrie 2016
Birds Potpourrie 2017
Johan van Noordwyk
Brian Culver's Birds
Tinus Lamprecht's Birds
Billy Steenkamp's Birds
Anja Denker's Birds
Trevor Hardaker's Birds
John Tinkler's Birds
Bob Hobbes's Birds
Hennie Storm's Birds
Coen Homan's Birds
Brian Radford's Birds
Jody de Bruyn's Birds
Peek, Boo and Hoo
Derek Keats's Birds
Tim Cockcroft's Birds
Ed Raubenheimer's Birds
Stewart Mathesons' Birds
Clint Ralph's Birds
Johann Van Den Berg

African Fish-Eagle

Bird Galleries

Jill Adams' Birds  Some of Jill's birds from The Birds around us

Nico's Birds of Prey  Nico's Owls
Small birds of our region 1 and 2   Waterbirds 1 and 2
A tree-top balcony in Wilderness  (Rosie's Turacos)
Pieter's Waterbirds    A Braai party at Nagenoeg Farm
Helderberg Nature Reserve   Waderbash at West Coast National Park
Klaus Kassel at West Coast National Park   Peet le Roux's Birds
Schalk and José in Okavango   Bird Potpourri 1 and 2   Beautiful Kalahari
Awie's Water Birds 1, 2 and 3, Awie's Small Birds 1, Awie's Birds large and small, Awie's Water games, Awie's Bird Potpourrie 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8 (Awie at Posberg),    Awie's Kalahari Birds, Awie's Kingfishers   Awie's Gannets and Penguins    Ibis and Spoonbill   Glossy Ibis   Hadeda Ibis   Sacred Ibis   African Spoonbill   Herons
Fritz Weaver in Rosie's garden   Basie van Zyl's birds   Basie van Zyl's Birds of Prey   Ingo Waschkies' Birds of the Western Cape  Louis Groenewald's birds   Pieter La Grange's Potpourri  Roland Hill's Birds  Jill Adams' Birds   John Murray's Birds   Hennie Cilliers' Birds   Pieter La Grange's Birds   Kirsten Frost's Birds   Adam Riley's Birds   Chris Krog's Birds   Michael McSweeney's Birds   Birds Potpourrie 2012   Mark Drysdale's Birds   Johan van Noordwyk   Brian Culver's Birds (much enlarged)   Tinus Lamprecht's Birds (much enlarged)   Billy Steenkamp's Birds   Anja Denker's Birds   Birds Potpourrie 2016   Chris' Bird restaurant   Trevor Hardaker's Birds   John Tinkler's Birds   Bob Hobbes's Birds   Hennie Storm's Birds   Coen Homan's Birds   New Potpourries 2016   Brian Radford's Birds   Jody de Bruyn's Birds   Peek, Boo and Hoo, a Spotted Eagle-Owl family in a Somerset West garden   Derek Keats's Birds   Clint Ralph's Birds   Johann Van Den Berg's Birds
Potpourries 2017 pages 7, 8, 9 and 10 with photos by Stefaan Bouwer, Sharon Brink, Tim Cockcroft, Don Cowie, Brian Culver, Cassie de Bruin, Mark Drysdale, Anthony Goldman, Louis Groenewald, Trevor Hardaker, Jeff Harrisberg, Bob Hobbes, Coen Homan, Wayne Johnston, Chris Jurish, Derek Keats, Johan Kitching, Willie Knoetze, Chris Krog, Tinus Lamprecht, Kevin McDonald, Stewart Matheson, Lee Ouzman, Prelena Soma Owen, Anton Pretorius, Brian Radford, Clint Ralph, Ed Raubenheimer, Jacques Sellschop, Hennie Storm, Ronelle Storm, Johann van den Berg, Ingo Waschkies and Basie van Zyl. 3 new Potpourries Potpourries 19, 20 and 21, with photos by Hugh Chittenden, Tim Cockcroft, Don Cowie, Ulrica de Beer, Dawie de Villiers, Mark Drysdale, The Flacks Photography, Brian Harrisberg, Jeff Harrisberg, Bob Hobbes, Coen Homan, Wayne Johnston, Derek Keats, Johan Kitching, Willie Knoetze, Chris Krog, Stewart Matheson, Dionne Miles, Rousseau Lštter, Stewart Matheson, Kevin McDonald, Mc Gills photography, Anton Pretorius, Brian Radford, Clint Ralph, Ed Raubenheimer, Adam Riley, Jacques Sellschop, Wilna Steenkamp and Kai Stüwe.    Tim Cockcroft's Birds   All new Pieter's Waterbirds and Pieter's Raptors   Ed Raubenheimer's Birds   Stewart Mathesons' Birds   Potpourries Potpourries 19, 20, 21, 22 and 23, Potpourrie 24, Potpourrie 25, Potpourrie 26, Potpourrie 27 and Potpourrie 28. Andre Olwage's Watercolours, Potpourrie 31, Potpourrie 33, pot34, pot35 - pot39, pot40 - pot40-3.

I updated the List of Bird Photos, showing the sequence of species according to new DNA research.   I am constantly enlarging and updating the pages. Please force your computer to show the newest page by reloading.

New: 2 galleries by György Járos: Birds of South Africa. A scientist, whose hobby is to paint a bird every day wth digital art using the Procreate program. jarosbirds.html - jarosbirds-2.html


The Secretary was the bird of 2019 © Brian Culver

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Cape Weaver
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African Fish-Eagle   Haliaetus vocifer
© Jill Adams (in Richard Liversidge, The Birds Around us)


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