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Martial Eagle

Polemaetus bellicosus  Breëkoparend   Kampfadler

Martial Eagle

Martial Eagle
Mkhuze Game Reserve, KZN © Bob Hobbes

Martial Eagle

© Ingo Waschkies, Krüger Park, Aug 2009

Martial Eagle

© Adam Riley

Martial Eagle

Martial Eagle mating

Martial Eagle

The Boss with a full crop in Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park. The Martial Eagle is listed as vulnerable in Southern Africa
© John Tinkler

Martial Eagle

Martial Eagle

Young Martial

Young Martial
© Louis Groenewald

Martial Eagle juvenile

Martial Eagle juvenile
© Chris Krog

 Martial Eagle Juv

Juvenile  © Basie van Zyl

Martial Eagle

Martial Eagle juv.


Breëkoparend juv.

© Awie Badenhorst

Martial Eagle

© Pieter la Grange

Martial Eagle imm.

Martial Eagle juv.  © Nico Venter

Martial Eagle

Martial Eagle and Pied Crow at Darling Hills September 2015
© Trevor Hardaker

Many locals don't like crows, but one has to admire their bravery. Here the crow at around 50cm in length, a wingspan of just under a metre and weighing around 600g thought nothing of taking on and harassing one of the largest and most powerful raptors in our region at over 85cm in length with a 2,4m wingspan and weighing in at a whopping 5kg or so...


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