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15 photos, please scroll down

Spotted Eagle-Owl

Spotted Eagle-Owl
© Jill Adams

Spotted Eagle-Owl

Bubo africanus  Gevlekte Ooruil  Fleckenuhu

Peek, Boo and Hoo   Cape Eagle-Owl   Verreaux's Eagle-Owl

Spotted Eagle-Owl

Spotted Eagle-Owl
© Peter Höhsl

Spotted Eagle-Owl

Spotted Eagle-Owl juv

Spotted Eagle-Owl juvenile
Kirstenbosch © Brian Radford

Spotted Eagle-Owl

Spotted Eagle-Owl

Spotted Eagle-Owl

Spotted Eagle-Owl


Spotted Eagle-Owl

...junior © Mark Drysdale

Spotted Eagle-Owl

Spotted Eagle-Owl
© Johann van den Berg

Spotted Eagle Ow

Spotted Eagle Owl

Spotted Eagle-Owl chick

Spotted Eagle-Owl chick
© Michael McSweeney

Spotted Eagle-Owl
Spotted Eagle-Owl
Stellenbosch, © Pieter La Grange

Spotted Eagle-Owl
Gevlekte Ooruil
© Roland Hill

Spotted Eagle-Owl

Spotted Eagle-Owl
Spotted Eagle-Owl
© Awie Badenhorst

Spotted Eagle-Owl

Spotted Eagle-Owl at their house in Somerset West

Spotted Eagle-Owl

Peek, Boo & Hoo at 4 weeks
Somerset West © Chris Jurich
More photos Peek, Boo and Hoo

Spotties lay the eggs at intervals of two to three days and the mother starts incubating the eggs as soon as they are laid. Unfortunately the first born gets the most food and in times of scarcity of food, the last born does sometimes die of starvation. If there is abundant food about they may lay a second brood straight after the first brood is able to fly.
Ken and Helen Wynne-Dyk
Cape Eagle-owl   Verreaux's Eagle-owl



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