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Stellenbosch University Campus

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Ou Hoofgebou
Ou Hoofgebou  Faculty of Law
The old main building

Superb setting, beautiful buildings
among trees and gardens
Jan Marais Square
Gardens around
Jan Marais Square

Entrance to the underground
Gerricke Library
Jan Marais
Jan Marais "Ons Weldoener"
(Our benefactor)

J H Neethling Gebou
J H Neethling Building
Agricultural Economics
Agricultural Economics
A I Perold Building
Agricultural Economics
G G Cillié Gebou
G G Cillié Building
Institute for Mathematics and
Science Teaching (IMSTUS)
JC Smuts
JC Smuts Building
Biochemistry and Microbiology

DF Malan Building
Physiological Sciences

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The Old Main Building is the oldest academic building of Stellenbosch University.
Inaugurated in November 1886  Architect: Carl Otto Hager
Faculty of Law.
When Stellenbosch celebrated its bicentenary in 1879, the public felt the need to erect a monument in commemoration of the event. ... it was decided to build a large and stately new college building -an indication once again of the vital role assigned to education by the leading villagers of the time.
Ters van Huyssteen in Footloose in Stellenbosch

Jan Marais, 1851 - 1915
Wealthy Stellenbosch citizen and benefactor of town and university. Left 100 000 Pounds in his will to the Victoria College, thus enabling it to develop into the Stellenbosch University.
Ters van Huyssteen in Footloose in Stellenbosch


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