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Agricultural Economics
A I Perold Building
Agricultural Economics
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Izak Perold
1880 - 1941

Author of a handbook on viticulture
First Professor of Viticulture and Oenicology, Stellenbosch University, 1917 - 1928

Abraham Izak Perold was born on 20 October 1880, at Cape Town. He studied Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry at the Victoria College in Stellenbosch (BA 1901) and obtained a PhD in Halle, Germany (Dr rer nat in Chemistry, summa cum laude, 1904). He then explored France (and learned French) and toured Europe. He returned with a good knowledge of colloquial Spanish, Portuguese and Italian in addition to his excellent German. In 1906 he accepted the post of temporary professor of Chemistry at the University of Cape Town. Soon after he left for Europe again, this time sent by the SA government to explore grape varieties and brought back 177 varietals which formed the core of a collection which still exists at the Welgevallen Experimental Farm of the Stellenbosch University.
Under Izak Perold, the Department of Viticulture and Oenicology was formed at Stellenbosch University and he became the first professor and later, in 1928, Dean of the Faculty of Agriculture. He began a scientific examination of local vines and research into their origins and best growth conditions and travelled regularly to visit wine areas in other countries. In 1910 he discovered the table grape cultivar, Barlinka, in Algeria. He brought it to South Africa and cultivated it as a valuable grape for export. In 1924 he successfully crossed Pinot noir with Cinsaut and thus created the famous South African cultivar, Pinotage.
After 1928 Izak Perold served as chief wine expert for the KWV.
He died on 11 December 1941.
In 1981, his widow, Martel Walters, donated 30 000 Rand to Stellenbosch University trust fund in memory of her husband. She celebrated her 100th birthday in 1991.
One of the buildings of Department of Agriculture on the University campus is named for Izak Perold.


Handboek oor Wynbou, a Treatise on Viticulture, 1926
Izak Perold translated his textbook into English.

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