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B. J. Smit

Ben Smit

1935 - 2022
Author of medical publications
Professor and Head of the Department of Radiation Oncology until 2001
Tygerberg Hospital, Stellenbosch University

Berend Jakobus Smit was born on 16 November 1935. He attended school in Tweeling, North-Eastern Free State. He studied at the University of Pretoria (MB, CHB) and at the University of Cape Town (PhD).
He was in general practice in the Eastern Cape (Alicedale and Port Elizabeth) from 1964-1970. Thereafter registrar in Oncology, University of Cape Town. He was consultant in Port Elizabeth from 1972-1978.
1978 - 2001: Head of Department and Professor, Tygerberg Hospital and Stellenbosch University.
Ben Smit is the inventor of the radio-therapy device 'Smit-tube', which is used in hospitals all over the world.
He was married to the artist, Carol Smit, and they lived in Melkbosstrand. He had a daughter, a stepdaughter and three stepsons.

Ben Smit died on 19 September 2022.


1986: MER National Prize for the best article in "Geneeskunde" , Co-winner.
1992: Certificate of Merit for contributions to High Dose Rate Brachytherapy .
1993: Dr. Kurt Sauerwein Medal for outstanding work in the field of radiation therapy.
Co-recipient of the Alex Mortimer Memorial Award for research on Samarium153.
Recipient of Certificate of Appreciation by the Cancer Association of South Africa, for research in combating cancer, 1995.

Further activities:

Member, Technical Advisory Panel, Foundation for Research Development.
Ex-Secretary and Ex-Chairman, S.A. Society of Radiotherapists.
Alternative Head Radiotherapist, National Accelerator Centre.
Appointed on Editorial Board of Radiation Oncology Investigations. (An International Journal).
Member of the Evaluation Panel for Radiotherapy and Radiobiology, Medical Research Council.
Associate of the Faculty of Radiology of The College of Medicine of South Africa.
Visiting Professor to the Oncology Group, Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology, University of the Witwatersrand, 1993.
Member of the Advisory Panel on Medical Biophysics, Medical Research Council.
Founder member of the Aristoteles Society, Greece.
Member of the Physics Work Group of the Curriculum Committee for M.B., Ch.B. I, 1996.
Vice Chairman of the Forum for Radiation Protection, since 1996.
Member of Radiation Research Society, since 1996.
Member of the Committee for Radiation Oncology at the College of Medicine of South Africa, 1999.
Member of SASMO (South African Society of Medical Oncologists).
Member of the panel of experts with regard to medical and dental professional conduct matters (Gynaecology, Prostate, Radiosurgery), Medical and Dental Professional Board, Health Professions Council of South Africa, 1999.
Tygerberg Management Team, 1999.
Member: Panel of experts with regard to Medical and Dental Professional Conduct Matters. HPCSA, 2000.
Member: American Association for the Advancement of Science.
Colleges of Medicine of South Africa: Awarded the Fellowship by Peer Review of the College of Radiation Oncologists (CMSA), 2000

Ben's Borgward
Ben's Borgward
Walking, hiking, fixing motor cars and other machinery, reading
Favourite books: Alice in Wonderland, NP van Wyk Louw's poems, Gulliver in Lilliput
Favourite quote: There is a limit to wisdom, none to folly

Proton Therapy and Radio surgeryProton Therapy and Radio surgery (Co-author H. Breuer) , Springer Verlag, 2000
Book contributions:
Smit BJ, Schmidt G: High-Dose-Rate-(HDR-) Afterloading-therapie in Kombination mit perkutaner Therapie beim inoperablen Zervixkarzinom. In: Roth SL, Böttcher HD, (eds). Gynäkologische Strahlentherapie. Enke Verlag F, Stuttgart, 1993: 38-44.

Smit BJ, Beck L, Roth SL: Gynäkologische Tumoren: Zervixkarzinom . In Schmidt, G. Onkologie systematische: Diagnostik und interdisziplinäre Therapie maligner Tumoren. UNI-MED Verlag, International Medical Publishers, Germany 1999: 121-125.

Other publications

Text by Ben Smit, April 2002

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