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Mother Church
Mother Church
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Annie Hofmeyr


Annie Hofmeyr

Author of books on local history
Founding member of the Stellenbosse Heemkring

Anna Margaretha Hofmeyr, née Beyers, was born on 2 November, 1899 at Germiston. She studied at Stellenbosch University (Secondary Teacher's Diploma 1921) and at Amsterdam (Community Work).
She was a lecturer at the College in Wellington before she moved to Stellenbosch. After many years service as a teacher, lecturer and librarian she was a full time writer for the last three decades of her life.


Uit die Groot Trek, 1938
Die Meulslot, Kosmo Uitgewery, 1967
Van Erfurt na die Kap, 1972
Stellenbosse Heemkring, (Editor Charles Fensham), 1978
Die Laan en sy mense, 1982
Kleinmond, Toe en Nou, 1985
and others

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