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Ruiene van BrederodeLibrary, University of Utrecht

Miniature sketches
by Frikkie Snijman

made when a student in Utrecht
1. Ruïne van Brederode,
Santpoort (close to Haarlem)
14 cm x 15 cm   Pencil
25. In de Universiteitsbiblioteek, Utrecht
13.5 cm x 10 cm   Ink

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With a Queen Victoria bursary for overseas study, Frikkie Snijman attended the University of Utrecht in 1939, where he studied Dutch and the History of Art. His studies were interrupted by the Second World War, which trapped him in Holland. During this time he took to cycling through the Dutch countryside. The wide riches, especially the rivers, fascinated him. Without any formal training, he put his impressions on paper in some 50 tiny sketches. By die BiltLangs die Tolsteegsingel
Copies of these now decorate the staff room of the WAT's new premises.2. Langs die Tolsteegsingel, Utrecht
15.5 cm x 11 cm   Pencil
22. By 'De Bilt' (close to Utrecht)
15.5 cm x 12 cm Pencil
WilhelminaparkOp weg na RhynouweHuis Hooge Paaschberg
3. Wilhelminapark, Utrecht
17cm x 12.5 cm Pencil
6. Op weg na Rhynouwe
16 cm x 10 cm Pencil
7. Huis Hoge Paaschberg (Ede)
17.5 cm x 12.5 cm Pencil
This estate was the property of Mr Leo Middelberg, mayor of Ede during WWII and chairman of the Nederlands-Zuid-Afrikaanse Vereniging. Snijman moved here with Toit Spies, a fellow South African, in 1942 after Mr Middelberg was taken hostage by German troops.
TuindorpGesig op UtrechtMerwede-kanaal
8. Ingang Raiffeisenlaan, Tuindorp, Utrecht
17 cm x 12.5 cm Pencil
10. Gesig op Utrecht vanuit rigting Rhynouwe.
16 cm x 8 cm Ink
11. Merwede-kanaal, Utrecht
17 cm x 11.5 cm Pencil
Meul byGroenekenAan die MaasMerum
13. Meul by Groenekan (North of Utrecht)
16.5 cm x 11.5 cm Pencil
20. Aan de Maas by Roermond
17 cm x 13 cm Pencil
This was drawn while on a cycling trip with Toit Spies to the south of Limburg.
21. Merum (Herten) 197. By Roermond
17.5 cm x 13 cm Pencil
Laan by BilthovenZeist, op die fietspadSkaapskral
23. Laan by Bilthoven (close to Utrecht)
17 cm x 13 cm Pencil
26. Zeist, op de fietspad na Huis ter Heide (close to Utrecht)
17 cm x 13 cm Ink
27. Skaapskooi, buite Ede, op weg na Arnhem
17 cm x 13 cm Pencil
A typical barn used to house sheep during the cold winter months. This one is next to the Ginkelse Heide near Ede en route to Arnhem and the site where British parachutists were dropped on 17 September 1944 for the Battle about Arnhem.
ValckenheiningKoepel van Valckenheiningsonder titel
33. Huize Valckenheining ('De Loedse'), Loenersloot close to Loenen aan de Vecht 16.5 cm x 12 cm Pencil
Snijman stayed here with the family Kalff during 1943 after German soldiers occupied the house of the Middelbergs in Ede. Mrs Kalff was a sister of Mr Middelberg.
31. Ongetiteld.
12.5 cm x 14.5 cm Pencil
Dome of summerhouse of Valckenheining ('De Loedse') at Loenersloot.
34. No title
Date 23.04.44
12 cm x 9 cm Pencil

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Descriptions by Toos Snijman

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