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Die Kruithuis
Kruithuis - click for description
Photo by T. V. Bulpin

Thomas Victor Bulpin

T. V. Bulpin

Author of books on South Africa

Thomas Victor Bulpin (1918-1999) produced 29 books and over 2000 booklets, pamphlets, newspapers and magazine features, and travel videos.

His books include:
  • The Ivory Trail
  • Lost Trails on the Low Veld
  • Shaka's Country
  • To the Shores of Natal
  • The Hunter is Death
  • Islands in a forgotten Sea
  • Trail of the Copper King
  • The Golden Republic
  • The White Whirlwind
  • The Great Trek
  • Natal and the Zulu Country
  • Lost Trails of the Transvaal
  • To the Banks of the Zambezi
  • Low Veld Trails
  • Discovering Southern Africa
  • Tickey: The Story of a Clown
  • Southern Africa: Land of Beauty and Splendor
  • Scenic Wonders of Southern Africa
  • Illustrated Guide to Southern Africa
  • Stellenbosch

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