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Bob Werra's Flowers

Bob Werra
Bob Werra takes a snap of
a rare white Gladiolus carneus
in Bettys Bay (see first photo)
Dr. R. J. Werra
721 South Dora Street
CA 95482
Robert Werra is an American and a collector of South African bulbuous wildflowers.
He is also a member of I.B.S.A., the Indigenous Bulb Society of South Africa.

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Gladiolus carneusGladiolus carneusGladiolus carneus
Gladiolus carneus,
albino in Bettys Bay
Gladiolus carneus,
albino in Bettys Bay
Gladiolus carneus,
Bettys Bay
Gladiolus carneusGladiolus carinatusLachenalia rosea
Gladiolus carneusGladiolus carinatus,
in Bettys Bay
Lachenalia rosea
(Henry Pauw's collection)

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