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Dear authors, this takes less time than you think! Dear Artists, just add a list of your most important exhibitions.

Your Own Page

The aim of the project (website, book: Stellenbosch Writers and CD ROM) is to present Stellenbosch and its culture to non Afrikaans speakers. Therefore I need your CV in English, but you may also include a CV in your mother tongue. You are welcome to include a sample of your work (any language): poems or prose (send all via e-mail or cd!)
The following list is meant as a guide to give you an idea what to include. Remember you do not need to fill in everything if you don't want to. You may ignore it completely, as long as you send me an interesting text for your page.
Please do NOT write in UPPER CASE.

Your author's name(s)


e-mail and - if any -URL of webpage
(Rest assured that your e-mail will be shown in a way which escapes harvester browsers)

(Please state if any of this information should not appear on this page or in the book)

Your photograph (does not need to be a recent one)
Author of (Type of books)
(Painter, sculptor, cartoonist...)

(Your name) was born on (day month) .. in ........

Short CV : ......Attended school in ....

Studied .... at ... Work experience... Important memberships... etc

Write as much or as little as you like.

(Your name) lives in ........

She/He is married to ...................... and has ... daughters and ... sons


Favourite books:

Favourite quote:


List of Books:

title, co-author(s), publisher and year, if you can.



If you sell your own books you are welcome to mention this.
I don't list other publications, except in a general way: "published some 50 papers, articles in..., writes regularly for Die Burger". You are welcome to buy a second page.

New author's pages are not gratis anymore, but updates are free. It takes me several hours to do your page and I charge R 300 for it.
The site presents over 500 authors. In 2005, 353 author's pages were published in the book, Stellenbosch Writers. An updated version will be published in a few years.

Send to (via e-mail or on CD):

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