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The Dark Side of the Kalahari

Hannes Lochner

Naturalist, safari guide and wildlife photographer
Author and publisher of books on South African wildlife

Hannes Lochner was born and raised near Cape Town and went on to study art at Stellenbosch University. After starting out as a river guide, he went on to explore graphic design, but has since 2007 found his feet planted firmly in the African soil - specifically documenting its wonder through award-winning photos and stories. He compiles these into beautiful coffee table books, including an evocative tribute to the wetland deltas of Botswana, its inhabitants and unique wonder.
His work is found on the front covers of many of South Africa's leading Outdoor Magazines, including features and interviews on living in the African bushveld.
From 2010 his partner and wildlife film maker, Noa Köfler, has accompanied him on his journeys and makes trailer videos showcasing some magnificent scenes from behind the camera, including the promotion video for Hannes' book, The Dark Side of the Kalahari.


2016 Nature's Best Photography Africa - Mammals of Africa category
2012 and 2013 BBC Wildlife Photographer of the Year awards

Book list

Colours of Southern Africa, 2007
Colours of the Kalahari, 2010
The Dark Side of the Kalahari, 2013
Planet Okavango, 2017


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