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Allan Heydorn

Allan Heydorn

Author of publications on Nature Conservation
Environmental Consultant and Specialist Consultant to WWF South Africa

Allan E F Heydorn was born on 29 of May 1930 in Johannesburg.
He attended Parktown Boys High School, Johannesburg and Paul Roos Gymnasium, Stellenbosch and studied at the universities of Stellenbosch (B Sc) and Cape Town (M Sc, PhD).

1954 - 1967: Marine Biologist, Sea Fisheries, Cape Town
1968 - 1978: Director - Oceanographic Research Institute & S.A.Association for Marine Biological Research, Durban. Professor at the University of Natal
1979 - 1988: Head - Estuarine & Coastal Research Unit, CSIR, Stellenbosch
1983 - 1988: Member of Directorate - National Research Institute for Oceanology, CSIR
1989/1990: Chief Executive - Southern African Nature Foundation (now WWF - SA)
Since 1991: Private Environmental Consultant and Specialist Consultant to WWF - SA
1994/1995: Honorary Professor - Stellenbosch University

Allan Heydorn is married to Helene, née Dommisse, and they have three children: Allan Jan, Anneke and Martin.
His father was A. F. P. J. Heydorn, Professor of Electrotechnical Engineering at Stellenbosch University.
Hobbies: Diving, travels, birdwatching
Favourite Books: Wilhelm Busch


Erepenning van die Fakulteit Natuurwetenskap en Tegniek 1995
WWF South Africa Lonmin Award 2010


Author of 35 refereed scientific papers, 48 popular articles, 42 symposium papers, 4 chapters in books. Lecture Series on Coastal Ecology for Engineers

Estuaries of the Cape, Part 1: Synopsis of the Cape Coast, natural features, dynamics and utilization, (co-author: K L Tinley), CSIR Research Report No. 380, 1980

Book Contributions:
Estuaries of the Cape, Part 2: Synopsis of information on individual systems, CSIR Research Reports No. 400 - 442, 1981 - 1993
The South African Shoreline between the Orange River on the West Coast and Ponto do Ouro on the East Coast
In: The Worlds Coastline, (Editors: Bird, E C F and Schwartz, M L), 1985
Estuaries and the Open Sea
In: Oceans of Life off Southern Africa, (Editors: Payne, A I L , Crawford, R J M and van Dalsen, A P), 1989
The conservation status of southern African estuaries
In: Biotic Conservation of Southern Africa, (Editor: Huntley, B J), 1989
The Coastal Zone, (co-authors: Glazewski, J I and Gladovic, B C)
In: Environmental Concerns in South Africa, (Editors: Fuggle, R F and Rabe, M A), 1992

Information by Allan Heydorn, May, 2003

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