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A. F. P. J. Heydorn

1900 - 1987

A. F. P. J. Heydorn

Author of technical books

Was Professor of Electrotechnical Engineering at the
Stellenbosch University

Allan Friedrich Philip Julius Heydorn was born on 28 October 1900 in Port Elizabeth.
When he was twelve the family moved to Germany, where he attended the Gymnasium in Meisenheim and studied at the Technische Hochschule in Stuttgart. In 1927 he moved back to South Africa.
1925 -1944: worked in business, Siemens (Germany) and AEG (South Africa)
1944 - 1965: Professor at Stellenbosch University
1953 - 1956 and 1962 - 1968: Council Member, Electricity Control Board

Member of the South African Council of Arts and Science and a member of the SA Institute of Electrotechnical Engineers.
He was married to Hanna, née Vollmer. They had one daughter and two sons: Gertrud, Allan and Dirk.
A. F. P. J. Heydorn died on 29 of May 1987.

List of books:

Recent Developments of Circuit Breakers without Oil, 1939
Die OorbringingsvermoŽ van kort Elektriese Kraglyne, 1950
"Witsteenkool" in die Bolandes Berge, 1952
Utilization of Hydro-Electric-Power in the W.P., 1953
Veelfasige Elektriese Stelsels, A.A. Balkema 1969

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