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Cape Slender-footed Frog (or Banded Stream Frog) Strongylopus bonaespei from Landdroskop
remarkable for indications of melanism
Photo by Eddie van Dijk
Bufo angusticeps
Narrow-headed Toad
Bufo angusticeps
Clicking Stream Frog
Clicking Stream Frog  Strongylopus grayii
Du Toits Kloof
Photo by Florian Breuer
Leptopelis xenodactylus
Long-toed Treefrog
Leptopelis xenodactylus
Fossil Frog of  Platanna family
Fossil Frog of Platanna family,
from Cretaceous Crater Lake
(contemporary with Dinosaurs)
Photo by Eddie van Dijk
Western Leopard Toad
Western Leopard Toad in a Stellenbosch Garden pond.
Bufo pantherinus Photo by Hannes Breuer
This toad pays us a visit once in a while
This toad pays us a visit once in a while
Photo by Rosemarie Breuer
Cape Platanna found in a Bettys Bay bath tub
Common Platanna found in a Bettys Bay bath tub
Photo by Rosemarie Breuer
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Vincent Carruthers
Frogs and frogging in Southern Africa, Struik, 2001
Southern Africa has almost 130 frog species that occur throughout the region.
The accompanying audio CD features 50 frog calls.
Dan Lieberman; Rael Loon, Hidden wonders
The small 5005 of southern Africa - insects, spiders, frogs and reptiles

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