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Pierre Faure

Pierre Faure

Author of publications on Financial Economics
Lectured at the Economics departments of the Universities of Stellenbosch and CapeTown, 1994 - 1997

Alexander Pierre Faure was born on 27 November 1946 in Faure, Western Cape. He grew up on his parents' farm Kahlenberg at Firgrove/Faure and attended the Hottentots-Holland High School in Somerset-West, where he matriculated in 1964.
After his Military service, (South African Air Force 1965 - 1966), he studied Viticulture and Pomology at the Elsenburg Agricultural College of the University of Stellenbosch (Diploma in Agriculture 1966) and Economics (BA Commerce 1969, MA Economics 1972 and DPhil). Doctoral thesis: The Liability and Asset Portfolio Management Practices of the South African Money Market Institutions and their Role in the Financial System. Promotor: Prof S J Terreblanche
In 1990 he passed the JSE Securities Exchange Membership Exams (ie member of South African Institute of Stockbrokers - non-broking)

Business Experience:
1972: Appointed in Money and Banking Section of the Economics Department of the South African Reserve Bank
1980: Appointed Money Market Manager at The Discount House of South Africa Limited (later BOE Private Bank Limited)
1985: Co-founder and shareholder Sechold Group Limited, a registered bank control company, and its subsidiary Securities Discount House Limited (later Securities Investment Bank).
1990: Formed Alexander Consulting (Pty) Limited and appointed economics and financial markets consultant to a number of companies in the group mentioned above. Also formed Alexander Asset Management (Pty) Limited.
1993: Became a member of the Johannesburg Stock Exchange (JSE), and partner in a stockbroking firm. Firm sold in 1997.
1997: Became non-broking member of the JSE (now called non-practising member of the South African Institute of Stockbrokers). Decided to continue with consulting work under Alexander Consulting.
2001: Appointed Full Professor at Rhodes University and Full Professor at the University of Fort Hare (appointment termed Investec Chair in Money, Banking and Finance). Contracted until 2007.
2002: Changed name of Alexander Consulting (Pty) Limited to The Financial Markets College (Pty) Limited. Commenced with private training in financial markets in addition to university work.

Part-time Appointments:
1984: Appointed to the Governing Bodies of King Edward VII School and King Edward VII Preparatory School. Later appointed Chairman of the Fund-raising Committee.
1985: Appointed member of the Department of Finance and Financial Markets Discussion Group.
1986: Established, and appointed Editor of, The Securities Markets, a journal published by the Sechold Group.
1987: Consulting Editor to the Investment Analysts' Journal, published by the Investment Analysts' Society.
1989: Appointed by Minister of Finance to the Financial Markets Advisory Board, the body overseeing the financial exchanges, ie the Johannesburg Stock Exchange (now the JSE Securities Exchange South Africa), the Bond Market Association (now the Bond Exchange of South Africa) and the South African Futures Exchange (now a division of the JSE).
1990: Professor Extraordinarius in Economics at the University of South Africa, and involved with post-graduate students in the field of "monetary policy".
1992: Non-executive Director of The South African Bank of Athens Limited.
1993: Visiting Professor in Economics at the University of Cape Town and Part-time Lecturer in Economics at Stellenbosch University. Has also presented a financial markets course to post-graduate students of the University of the Western Cape.
1996: Appointed to the Governing Body of Somerset College (Independent High School), and Chairman of the Fund-raising Committee.
1998: Non-executive Director of Peregrine Holdings Limited (listed on JSE in 1999).
1999: Editor of the Southern African Treasurer, official organ of the Association of Corporate Treasurers of Southern Africa (until 2001).
2002: Advisor to TransAfrica Holdings (TAH) Limited, a company involved in establishing (or buying stakes in) Discount Houses and other financial intermediaries in various African countries.
2003: Director of TAH Limited.

Pierre Faure is married to Sheila Cunningham Faure, a clinical psychologist; they have three sons and a daughter.
Among his hobbies: Rugby, Athletics, Squash and road-running. He enjoys SCUBA-diving and game viewing, hiking and whale watching. Reading and writing (completed book, "Below the Butte", seeking a publisher)
He has written over 30 articles in journals and unpublished books, e-books and articles for students and clients.

Books and book contributions:

The Money Market (part of book: The Mechanics of the South African Financial System)
The Foreign Exchange Brokers (part of book: The Mechanics of the South African Financial System)
Discount Houses (part of book: The Mechanics of the South African Financial System)
Elements of the South African Financial System (part of book: The Mechanics of the South African Financial System)
The Interest-bearing Securities Market (managing editor and co-author)
Financial Services in South Africa (under name: Alexander Consulting)
Rudiments of the South African Financial System (chapter of book South African Financial Markets, 2002)
Rudiments of the South African financial system. In van Zyl, C, Botha, Z, Skerritt, P (editors): Understanding South African Financial Markets 2e. , Van Schaik , 2006

Some of these books are used by:
* The United Nations for training
* Some universities in SA
* SA Institute for Financial Markets - the body that trains financial markets people
Pierre Faure continues to update them and create more as time goes by. They can be obtained by the author.

2005. Introduction to the financial system
2005. The financial institutions
FAURE, AP (editor), 2005. Central banking
2005. Private sector banking
2005. Risk management by financial intermediaries
2005. Money, interest and monetary policy
2005. The money market
2005. Financial market mathematics
2005. The bond market
2005. The equity market
2005. The foreign exchange market
2005. The derivative markets
Gravelet-Blondin, RM, Sturgess, CJ, Viljoen, LJC, 2005. The commodity derivative markets
FAURE, AP and Ackerman, MPA, 2005. Investment analysis
FAURE, AP and Ackerman, MPA, 2005. Portfolio management


2004. The South African tax and loan account system
2004. Discount houses: specialist banking and financial market development institutions
2006. Personal finance 1: the individual and the financial system
2007. Investments: overview
2007. Investments: instruments
2007. Investments: valuation
2006. Investments: risk and return
2007. Investments: portfolio theory
2006. Investments: management

2005. The bond market
Limited. 2005. The derivative markets

Information by Pierre Faure, 2004/2007

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