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Moederkerk in Stellenbosch
Jan de Villiers

J. L. de Villiers

1912 - 2009

Author of theological works
Professor of Theology Stellenbosch University until his retirement in 1987

Jan Lodewyk de Villiers was born on 8 March 1922 in Koffiefontein, Orange Freestate, where he attended school.
He studied at the Theological Seminary of the University of Orange Freestate, Stellenbosch University, (BA 1941, MA in Latin and Greek, 1942, Licentiate in Theology, 1946) and the University of Amsterdam (DTh, 1950). Title of his doctoral thesis (1950): Die Betekenis van huiothesia (aanneming tot kinders) in die briewe van Paulus.
He served as minister of the Strooidak Congregation in Paarl and in Bonnievale. He was professor at the Theological College in Wellington and later in Bellville. He was professor of Theology Stellenbosch University until his retirement in 1987.

In the years 1959 and 1983 J. L. de Villiers supplied the exegetical notes for for the Acts of the Apostels and Galatians in the Bibles with explanatory notes. He also took part in the new translation of the Afrikaanse Bybel in 1983.
His great love was music and he conducted at the US song festival.

Jan de Villiers died on 10 May 2009. He was married to Helene de Villiers, who is an author and translator of children's stories. They had four children.


Academy award (Akademie toekenning) for translation 2005 (Tot lof van dwaasheid)

List of books:

Tot lof van dwaasheidDie Loongedagte in die Nuwe Testament - Exegetica, Exegetical studies, Holland, 1957
Wees Heilig, NG Kerk Uitgewers, 1952
Die Handelinge van die Apostles, two volumes, NG Kerk Uitgewers, 1977
Sol Justitiae (with P.A. Verhoef and D.W. de Villiers), 1973
Handleiding by die studie van die Nuwe Testament (co-author: On the Theology of Luke's Gospel), NG Kerk Uitgewers, 1980
Handleiding by die studie van die Nuwe Testament (co-author: On the Theology of Hebrews, James and 1 Peter), NG Kerk Uitgewers, 1993
Handleiding by die studie van die Nuwe Testament, II, NG Kerk Uitgewers, 1997
Die Leefwêreld van die Nuwe Testament, 1997 - The New Testament Milieu, 1998 (co-author: on the Greek-Roman World in the time of the New Testament), NG Kerk Uitgewers
Tot lof van dwaasheid (Encomium moriae by Erasmus, translation from Latin), Protea Boekhuis, 2002
Desiderius Erasmus - Sy lewe en werk, Drufoma, 2008

Information by J. L. de Villiers, September 2002

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