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Photo by Arrie
Arnold S de Beer PhD
Professor Emeritus
Editor: Ecquid Novi
Department of Journalism
University of Stellenbosch
PO Box 106
Stellenbosch 7599

+27 (0)21 808 2625 - office

Arnold S de Beer

Arrie de Beer

Author of academic publications
Professor Emeritus, Department of Journalism, University of Stellenbosch
Research director of the Institute for Media Analysis in South Africa

Arnold Stephan de Beer (Arrie) was born on 10 June 1942. He attended school in Bloemfontein, Grey College and studied at RAU and Baylor (USA).
He is a former journalist at Die Transvaler and Die Burger, was editor of Potchefstroom News and was, inter alia, editor of Ensiklopedie van die Wêreld (the first 10 volume encyclopedia in Afrikaans, published in Stellenbosch (c/o Rhyneveld and Kerk) in the 1970s).
Arnold S de Beer is the founding editor of Ecquid Novi - SA Journal for Journalism Research.
Editorial board member of Journalism Studies, Global Media Journal, International Communication Bulletin, Communicatio, Communicare and since 2014, Managing Editor at the Institute for Media Analysis in South Africa ( iMasa).

He is married to Nicolette. The De Beers have a daughter, Adriana, and two sons, Arnold and Jan-Hendrik.

Hobbies: Cycling, photography, movies, talking
Favourite books: Almost all of John Irving's books and some of Mordechai Richler
Favourite quote: You cannot take the devil to court in Hell!


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Information by Arnold S de Beer, 2003 and later

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