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Karin Brynard

Photo by Philip de Vos


Karin Brynard

Karin Brynard

Author of crime novels

Karin Brynard was born on 26 October 1957 in Koffiefontein in the Freestate. She grew up in the Karoo and at Postmasburg, Northern Cape, where she matriculated in 1975. She studied at Pretoria University (BA) and became a well known political jounalist.
Karin is married to Rien Van Gils and lives in Stellenbosch.

Awards: Her thriller, Plaasmoord won the Via Afrika Literary Award and the M-Net Award in 2010.
M-Net Award 2013 and ATKV-Prosaprys for Onse vaders
Sunday Times Literary Award 2019


Plaasmoord, Human & Rousseau 2009 / Weeping Waters, 2014
Onse vaders, Human & Rousseau, 2012
Tuisland, Penguin Random House, 2016
Moord op Huilwater, Nieuw Amsterdam, 2012 /Weeping Waters, Europa Edition, 2018
Homeland, Random House, 2018

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