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Charles Biggs

Author of a photo-book on Stellenbosch

Charles Biggs started photography as a schoolboy in the seventies, after which he spent two years at Central Photographic Training in the SAAF, where he learned about the highly technical world of aerial and reconnaissance photography. His formal training was at Art School in Port Elizabeth, where he completed a three-year diploma in photography. From there he spent 18 months at Film School in Pretoria, leading to a five-year stint in the film industry. Here he worked as an assistant director and stills photographer on feature films, also directing his own full-length feature. He then took a complete break from the visual arts and went ostrich farming in America and then mixed farming in Graaff Reinet.
In 2001 he moved to Stellenbosch and in 2004 held a very successful exhibition there. Apart from freelance work he has also lectured at the Stellenbosch Academy of Design and Photography.

Stellenbosch, 2006

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