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1. Why can't I have my page in Afrikaans or any other language?

This site collects authors of all languages. All authors are invited to include their CV in English and in their own language. I will attach a link to your own web page.
My aim is to present Stellenbosch culture to non-Afrikaans speakers.

2. Why can't I have my page exactly the way I want it?

I am the editor of this website and book. While I am doing my best to keep you happy I may not be able to oblige every wish of the some 600 authors on the design and outlay of the pages.
The pages should all be approximately in the same mould and your CV should be reasonably complete. However, you are encouraged to be as individualistic as you like (after all this is saying something about you, too) and to make your text more interesting.  

3. Do I keep the copyright for my texts in this webpage?

You most certainly do. My sign on the base of the pages just indicates my copyright to the webdesign.

4. Is it possible to get more than one page?

Yes, at a reduced price for Stellenbosch authors. My fees

5. Why don't you write the book list in italics?

There are many different ways to write a book list, I use the simplest: title, publisher, year
or just - year: title

6. How do you get paid for your work?

Until the 25th of October 2010 a new author's page was gratis. I now charge R 300, but updates are free.
This is a hobby. It was also my way to say thank you to beautiful Stellenbosch. 

What you could do:

  • Order one of my books or e-books (NOT obligatory)
    Kindle e-books: Zettelwitz the Table Mountain Wizard (English Edition)
    Zauberer Zettelwitz vom Tafelberg

  • How about giving us one of your books and sign it for me? (NOT obligatory)
  • Send me a handwritten poem: I will include the facsimile in your page.
  • May I have your signed photo?

    signed Rosie Breuer

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