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IJ van der Merwe
Research Fellow
Department of Geography and Environmental Studies
Stellenbosch University
Private Bag X1, Matieland, 7602
Telephone: 021-8083110

I J van der Merwe

Izak van der Merwe

Author of geographical publications
Dean of the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences
at Stellenbosch University, 1997 - 2002

Izak Johannes van der Merwe was born on 21 March 1941. He matriculated from Hottentots Holland High School, Somerset West, and studied at Stellenbosch University (BA 1962, BA hons, cum laude, MA, cum laude, DPhil 1972: The differential development of the intra-urban space of Kimberley).
I J van der Merwe was the Director of the Institute for Cartographic Analysis at Stellenbosch University (1975-1990), Professor and chairman, Department of Geography (1991-1996) and Dean of the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences (1997 - 2002). Since 2003 he serves as a Research Fellow at the Department of Geography.
He was editor of the journal, South African Geographer (1992 - 1993) and published over 50 scientific articles in South African and international accredited journals.
Izak van der Merwe is married to Audrey Erica Rankin and they have two sons, Izak Johannes and Rian.
Research and teaching : Urbanization and urban problems in Southern Africa; Socio-cultural and language patterns; Regionalism and boundaries; Higher Education Change and Structures
Professional memberships:
1981 - : Editorial Committee of the Israeli academic journal Geography Research Forum; 1984 - : Full member of the SA Academy of Arts and Science; 1990 - 1994: Member of the Development Society for Southern Africa; 1990 - 1996: Chairman, Management Board of the Centre for Geographical Analysis, Stellenbosch University; 1993: The official Task Group of the Negotiation Council on The demarcation of provinces in South Africa. The country's present post-apartheid nine provinces are the outcome of this exercise.; 1995-97: President of the Society of South African Geographers; 1998: Visiting Professor, Institute for Territorial Planning at the University of Ancona, Italy.

Awards and Honours:

1984: Stals Prize for Geography by the South African Academy for Science and Arts
1991: Award as Fellow of the South African Geographical Society
2002: C2-grading from the National Research Foundation


Academic experience manifests in 53 scientific articles in South African and international accredited journals.
Author/co-author of 15 books and atlasses and 12 research reports
Approximately 2 academic papers annually at national and international conferences during the last ten years

Photo from Matie 3 87 (SU = Stellenbosch University)
The city and its environment: a study in Settlement Geography, SU Publishers, 1983
Social Atlas of the Cape Town metropolitan area (with H L Zietsman), Institute for Cartographic Analysis, SU, 1977
Atlas for Encyclopaedia of the world (Editor. In Afrikaans), Albertyn Publishers, 1978
Economic atlas of South Africa (with H L Zietsman), 1981
Our new world 10 (with six co-authors), Maskew Miller, 1981
National atlas of South West Africa/Namibia (with J H van der Merwe), 1983
Population census atlas of South Africa (with H L Zietsman), 1986
Language Atlas of South Africa (with K P Prinsloo and E Grobler), Human Sciences Research Council 1990
Language in South Africa: Distribution and change (with L O van Niekerk), SU, 1994 Atlas. Also created on CD-Rom.
Stellenbosch University: Origin of students (with K E Rush), SU, 1996
The Linguistic Atlas of South Africa - Language in space and time (with JH van der Merwe), African Sun Media, 2007

Book contributions:
1994 : Demography: The people of our country. Chapter in Book of the year. World Spectrum, Cape Town. (In Afrikaans)
1999 : Restructuring of informal business space in Pietersburg, South Africa (pp 99-110). In A Aguilar & I Escamilla (Eds.): Problems of megacities: social inequalities, environmental risk and urban governance. Mexico City: UNAM (With SE Donaldson)
2000 : Population: Structure and dynamics in a crowded world. Chapter in The Geography of South Africa in a changing world, Fox R & Rountree K (eds), Oxford University Press. (With JH van der Merwe)
2002 : Current perspectives on urban change in South Africa. Chapter in International handbook or urban systems studies of Urbanisation and migration in advanced and developing countries, HS Geyer (ed), Edward Elger Publishers, UK. (With HS Geyer)

Information by Izak van der Merwe

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