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Ilse Evertse
Van Duvenvoordelaan 82
2274 TB Voorburg, The Hague
phone/Fax: +31 70 38 18834
   Ilse's letter from 16.2.2004

Ilse Steyn

Pseudonym for Ilse Evertse

Ilse Steyn

Author of 28 Afrikaans love stories

Ilse Lelong Evertse, née Steyn, was born on 10 March 1947 in Stellenbosch. She attended school in Johannesburg and studied languages at Stellenbosch University. Ilse's work experience is wide, diverse and always interesting:

Whatever I'm doing currently - editing English text by non-English academics from around the world - is somehow always the most exciting. After my studies I mostly taught English as second language. If I remember correctly I taught for 5 years and then went off to study French at the Sorbonne, but somehow became side-tracked in Holland where I met up with an old Stellenbosch University friend who became my husband very, very soon. We lived in The Hague for 2 years where I wrote a monthly newsletter for the SABC. Thereafter we returned to Stellenbosch.
I taught another 2 years, then we bought an old house in Herold Street that we had to restore and Jan went off to work for the University's IT department. Money ran out, I had no job and am a VERY bad housekeeper. So, before boredom sent me through the roof, I started writing. And produced the twins at the stage when other people's kids were off to high school - sigh! Kept quite busy doing a thousand and one things like teaching computer skills to university staff, doing text layouts, translations etc. etc. At last went back to the University and worked for the Sport Science department (they truly needed someone with language skills) with great joy for 3 years, but also started editing the English texts of foreign students who could - needless to say - not pay me.
Ilse is married to Jan Evertse and has twin sons. She presently lives in The Hague (Den Haag) in the Netherlands where her Dutch-born husband works. They live in a typical Dutch 3-storey "rijtjeshuis" with almost vertical stairs which are very good for one's middle-age spread.
What she likes: Reading, movies, travelling, and good company

List of books:

VdW = Van der Walt Publishers, Pretoria; TB = Treffer-Boekklub, Pretoria
Leer my van die liefde, VdW, 1982 (her very first book - won an unpublished writer award)
Die mense van La Mer, ca 1982, 2. edition VdW, 1997. Series: Romankeur
'n Rissie op sending hart, VdW, 1983
Harte met geheime, VdW, 1984/2000. Series: Romankeur
Die soeter wraak hart, VdW, 1985 Historical novel
'n Laspos aan die Kaap hart, VdW, 1986. Historical novel
Title: Aandele van die liefde, 1986. 2nd ed. , VdW, 1997. Series: Romankeur
Afspraak met Cupido. , VdW, 1986
Brande van die hart, TB, 1987. 2nd ed. VdW, 1999. Series: Romankeur
Draaiboek vir geluk, VdW, 1987
Somersrus se hartseer, VdW, 1987/2001
Arend en sy Bokkie, VdW, 1988. Keurbiblioteek. 2nd ed. LAPA, 2000
Drie ridders vir drie rooikoppe, TB, 1988. 2nd ed.Lapa, 2001. Series: Romankeur
Meisie aan 'n tou, VdW, 1988
'n Kaapse droom, VdW, 1989. Keurbiblioteek. Historical novel
Plesierpaleis, Tafelberg, 1994, Jacklin, 2000
Doolhof van geluk, Tafelberg, 1995
Liefdesvennote, TB, 1995
Prinses in die ruimte, TB, 1996
Gifengel en aasvoël, Tafelberg, 1997
Liefde in die ruimte, TB, 1998
Die Trojaanse merrie, TB, 1998
'n Droom vir 'n dief hart, VdW, 1999
3 van die bestes. Volume 3. Drie van die bestes: Authors: Loots, Kristel. Vreemde fees.Reitz, Aletta. Ver pad na vrede. Steyn, Ilse. Herinneringe in amber. Published: Pretoria : LAPA, 2001
Herinneringe in amber, LAPA, Grootdrukuitgawe. 2002
Towerspreuk van die liefde, VdW, 1999
Saskia & Sasha, VdW, 1999

Text by Ilse Evertse
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