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Nomsa Priscilla Satyo

Nomsa Priscilla Satyo

Author of academic books
Lecturer at the Department of African Languages, Stellenbosch University
Associate Professor and Head of Department of African Languages, University of Fort Hare

Nomsa Priscilla Satyo was born at Mount Arthur in Lady Frere in the Eastern Cape. Her mother tongue is IsiXhosa.
She studied at Fort Hare University (BA 1978, UED 1979, BA Hons 1994, MA 1997 : Themes and style in selected poetic works of S.E.K. Mqhayi and J.J.R. Jolobe) and obtained a D Litt at Stellenbosch University in 2000.
Nomsa specialises in literature, linguistics and second language acquisition.
1980 - 1987: Teacher at Gasela High School (Eastern Cape)
1988 - 1989: HOD African Languages (Gasela High School)
1990 - 1993: Principal at Gasela High School in King Williamstown
1990 - 1994: Deputy Principal, Mzontsundu High School, Eastern Cape
1993-1994: Lecturer at Fort Hare University, specialising in literature, linguistics and teacher training
1995-2003: Lecturer at the African Languages Department of Stellenbosch University
2003: Senior Lecturer
Community involvement:
Member of the Bhala Writers' Association. Member of ALASA (African Languages Association of Southern Africa).
Marking examiner for final examination for Grade 10 from 1985-1987.
Co-ordinator of cultural days and creative writing workshops 1985-1990.
Serve in the Western Cape Language Committee 2002, 2003.
Organiser of terminology development workshops.
Committees at Stellenbosch University: Marketing Committee, Employment Equity Committee: 1998-1999
External examiner of the following universities:
University of Fort Hare 1996-1998, University of Cape Town 2000, University of the Western Cape 2002, University of Natal 2003
Reviewer of manuscripts: Maskew Miller Longman


Simnandi isiXhosa, standard 8-9 (Co-author: M.W. Visser) - Grammar books, OBE
Ubuncwane bemveli kaXhosa (Xhosa culture book).
Women in Xhosa Drama: Dramatic and Cultural Perspectives, 2001

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