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Rien ne se fait sans un peu d'enthousiasme
Nothing works without enthusiasm.
Ohne ein bisschen Enthusiasmus geht nichts.

In October 2010 I started my own book publishing house for special editions of excellent quality.

Jubilee edition
New: A special edition of Zettelwitz commemorates 50 years of De Hoge Hoek in 2012
On popular demand I am preparing a new 2016 edition.
Pre-order it before April 2016 and get a discount

The bilingual Zettelwitz the Wizard books
Zauberer Zettelwitz in verschiedenen Sprachen

A delight for children and bird lovers alike and anybody else!

Introduction and some background  Pictures of the pages of the first book   Jill Adams' bird illustrations   Reviews and feedback

Societies, Clubs and Corporations are invited to order a Special edition with their own heading and logo (Example:" Special edition for the friends of Stellenbosch") at a special price.

3 books in one: 1.German; 2. English and 3. a first bird book introducing birds of the Western Cape. These are special editions of outstanding quality print. Numbered and signed by the author.

Order the bi-lingual books and e-books pdf here


Zauberer Zettelwitz
Table Mountain Wizard

In German and English
With 74 illustrations by Rosemarie Breuer
and 62 bird paintings by the renown artist Jill Adams
ISBN 978-0-9869878-0-9
First edition published, October 2010
A special edition
Softcover, excellent quality, 60 pages - Price R 220 or Euro 15.
The first 100 copies are numbered and signed by the author

Die Towenaar van Tafelberg
Table Mountain Wizard

In Afrikaans and English
With 74 illustrations by Rosemarie Breuer
and 61 bird paintings by Jill Adams
ISBN 978-0-9869878-2-3
First edition, March, 2011
"Spesiale uitgawe vir die vriende van Afrikaans"
Softcover, excellent quality, 60 pages - Price R 220 or Euro 15.
The first 100 copies are numbered and signed by the author

More editions to follow with birds of other regions of the world.

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My favourite printers - they deliver outstanding quality

Zettelwitz Afrikaans

Zettelwitz Deutsch

Special editions published in 2010 and 2011:

Ein köstliches Kinderbuch - use it as a language trainer
Not only for children (in German and English)

In preparation:
More editions to follow with birds of other regions of the world:
Krüger Park Wizard, Mkuzi Wizard, Kalahari Wizard
Zettelwitz the Wizard (European and American versions)
and more.
In German, English, French, Spanish and African languages

Stellenbosch Writers book

Stellenbosch Writers

Authors who live or have lived in Stellenbosch
by Rosemarie Breuer
with photos and Jill Adams' delightful illustrations of birds found in Stellenbosch

ISBN 0-620-32948-3
328 pages, B5, hard cover, best quality paper and print
SSI- Stellenbosch Writers, March 2005

Introduction, Acknowledgements and Example page

Price: Now Rand 150.00

It can be ordered from directly.

All sold: Special Sponsor's edition of 100 copies, numbered and signed   Sponsor's list

Congratulations on the book. It is an excellent job. To paraphrase an old Afrikaans poem , who could ever think that Stellenbosch has so many writers. you have performed a great service!
Hermann Giliomee

This book will be a valuable piece of Stellenbossiana
Gerrit Kruger

Rosemarie Breuer launched her book during Woordfees, on Saturday, 12 March 2005 at Protea Boekhuis, when Amanda Botha talked to her about the book.
Stellenbosch, this best-preserved and most beautiful town in South Africa, is a town with an Afrikaans-medium university and a mainly Afrikaans culture. It has attracted many newcomers of a variety of nationalities who appreciate the privilege of living here.
Rosemarie Breuer moved to Stellenbosch with her family in 1981and became an ardent local patriot. With the gracious help of many kind people and with the aid of her website she has collected information on Stellenbosch authors in all languages and attained an insight into local history and culture. She hopes to share it with you by presenting 353 authors of all genres, fiction and non-fiction.
Rosie's hobby is bird watching and she decorated her book with Jill Adam's superb drawings of birds found in Stellenbosch.


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