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Pont des Arts, Paris, Lithographie (16 von 100), Wolff Buchholz 1959

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I have a large collection of graphics by well known artists, from the time I was a member of the graphics circle as a pupil in 1958-60. Please ask for a list and photos.

Lithographie (16 von 100), Wolff Buchholz 1959

Pont des Arts, Paris, Lithographie (16 von 100), Wolff Buchholz 1959

Wolff Buchholz graphic artist, 1935 -2010. Wolff was born in Hamburg in Germany. From 1955 to 1957 he studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Hamburg. In 1957 he went to Paris. Wolff Buchholz has been active in printmaking since 1961. He used a wide variety of techniques - lithographs, etchings, aquatint. In the sixties Buchholz studied and worked in France and in London. Since 1970 he had his studio in Hamburg-Farmsen. He was also the author of a number of books and won several awards.

Wolff Buchholz wurde 1935 in Hamburg geboren. Von 1955 bis 1957 studierte er an der Akademie der schönen Künste in Hamburg. 1957 begab er sich zu Studien nach Paris. In den 60- er Jahren studierte und arbeitete Wolff Buchholz in London und Frankreich. Seit 1970 hatte er ein Atelier in Hamburg- Farmsen. Autor einer Anzahl Bücher. Literatur: artprice und andere
Size with frame width 525 height 495
excellent condition
Rand 3000


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