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Entertainer, singer, poet, songwriter, playwright and author of books

Nataniël le Roux was born in the Swartland. He studied music at the Conservatoire of Stellenbosch University.
Nathaniel started his carriere as a musician and entertainer in 1983, when he produced his first stage appearances. He now looks back on a long list of shows, solo and others. Nataniël goes regularly on concert tours, performs for charities and has worked for TV, film and radio.
Many of his books and CDs became instant bestsellers. He is the director of his own production company and publishing house, NATANIEL HOUSE OF MUSIC. He is also the owner of a number of shops where his Kaalkop brand of lifestyle products are sold.
Natanië has written several best-selling cookbooks and has presented his own cooking series on radio and contributes regularly to food magazines.


1990: DALRO for Work of Art
1991: DALRO for Dancing with John

all published by Human & Rousseau
Excuse Me, 1990
Dancing with John, 1992
Oopmond, 1993
Nataniël Kook, 1994
Rubber, 1996
Die Nataniël-Kombuis, 1996
Maria Maria, 1999
Tuesday, 2001
Food from the White House, 2003
Kaalkop, Human & Rousseau, 2004
Kaalkop Joernaal / Journal, 2006
Kaalkop 2, 2008
When I was - 25 Stories, 2008
Gatherings - A year of invitations, Human & Rousseau, 2009
Nicky & Lou - 46 stories, Human & Rousseau, 2011
Kaalkop 3, 2012
150 Stories, 2014
Die Huis van Rye, 2015
Zip!, 2016
Music Videos:
Weird people
One life
Dis te laat
Roses and Jazz
Maybe we still believe
Moon Jazz
Now I can die
Slow tear
None of Them In Ev'ry Star
Hopeless Hand
Combat, DVD
Cathedral - Live At Emperor's Palace, DVD
Die Nataniël Tafel - Seisoen 1, DVD
By Birth
(written, produced & performed)
Weird People, 1988) Work of Art, 1989
Recital, 1993
Dying for Master, 1994
the wallflower, 1995
The Cover Concert, 1996
The Diva Divine, 1996
Portfolio, 1997
Slow Tear, 1998
Fall, 2000
Act 1
Act 2
I Wear White

Stage scripts: Head On (for Lydia vom Hagen, 1994); Bulldozer (for Anna Roussouw, 1994); In Glass (for Elzabê Zietsman, 1995); BOOM! (for Lizz Meiring, 1996)

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