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Pierre Morgenrood

Pierre Morgenrood

Author of Publications on Economics, Genealogy and History

Pierre Morgenrood was born on 19 November 1946 in Uitenhage, Cape Province. He attended Boys' High School in Worcester (1960 - 1964) and studied at several universities:
1965 - March 1973:Stellenbosch University (BA in Law, BCom, BCom Hons)
1973 - April 1977: University of Pretoria (MCom, Thesis: Die Struktuur van die Lopende Inkome en Uitgawe van die Algemene Owerheid binne die Opset van 'n Makro-ekonomiese Model, September 1976. Supervisor: Prof GL de Wet)
1980 - May 1985:University of South Africa (DCom - April 1985. Thesis: The Portfolio Behaviour of South African Banking Institutions. November 1984. Promotor: Prof JA Döckel)
1997- October 1997: School for Business Management, University of Pretoria
Diplomas obtained:
1. Management Development Programme - October 1997
2. Certificate in Estate Agency - August 2002
3. Certificates of the Institute of Financial Markets - 1993/1994 ( The first two out of three as under the former dispensation)

Other courses/ training
Various courses in computer usage at Stellenbosch, at work and at training centres of computer companies
various courses in public speaking at Standard Bank and with outside consultancies
various courses and seminars on financial markets
passing of the Junior Certificate of the Institute of Financial Markets in November 1993 and the Ordinary Certificate of the Institute of Financial Markets in January 1994
admission as member of the Institute of Financial Markets in March 1994.

Pierre Morgenrood is currently Senior manager at Absa Public Sector Banking. He lives in Pretoria.

Hobbies: Swimming (social), tennis, holidaying
Cape history, Genealogy, Classic motor vehicles (owner of two), classic movies (collector), gardening, and reading

Club/Society memberships:
Historical Society of Cape Town
The Friends of the National Library (Cape Town)
Genealogical Society of South Africa
Irene Country Club
The Pistonring Motor Club

1971  Mercedes Benz 350 SL (3,5l)1970 Holden Kingswood (3,8l)
1971 Mercedes Benz 350 SL (3,5l) and 1970 Holden Kingswood (3,8l)


About 140 publications in the economic and public finance field in various books and professional magazines: Familia, Quarterly Bulletin of the South African Library , Quarterly Bulletin of the National Library of South Africa , South African Journal Economics, Government Digest , The Securities Markets and others

Books and Book contributions:
SBP = Southern Book Publishers
The Regulation of Financial Markets (Co-authors: Goodspeed, I, Falkena, HB and Store, RK), SBP, 1991
The Equity Market (Co-authors: Falkena, HB, Kok, WJ, Luüs, CW) , SBP, 1993
Chapters in:
Falkena, HB and Kok, WJ (editors): Essays on Financial Risk Management, MacMillan, CTP Book Press, 1988
Potgieter, WJ, Falkena, HB, Kok, WJ and van Ettinger, MCC: The Foreign Exchange Market, SBP, 1991
Goodspeed, I, Falkena, HB, Morgenrood, P and Store, RK: The Regulation of Financial Markets, SBP, 1991
Meijer, JH, Falkena, HB and van der Merwe, EJ: Financial Policy in South Africa, SBP, 1991
Alexander Consulting: Financial Services in South Africa, Lafferty Publications Limited, Dublin, 1991
Falkena, HB, Kok, WJ and Van der Merwe, EJ: Financial Institutions, SBP, 1992
Falkena, HB, Kok, WJ, Luüs, CW and Morgenrood, P: The Equity Market, SBP, 1993
Reuvid, Jonathan (ed): Doing Business in South Africa, 3rd, 4th and 5th edition , Kogan-Page, London, 1997-2001

Information by Pierre Morgenrood, October 2003

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