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Gillian Mercuur

Gillian Cortereal


Author of Self-help guide, Trans4mation: Improvement Vs Change

Gillian Mercuur was born on 14 September 1963, in Cape Town, South Africa.
"Born into the vortex of Apartheid to parents classified as second rated citizens and into a community of religious believers who confirmed their faith by citing "The government is chosen by God" my story of transformation is said to be a fascinating one. Widowed at a young age, and having been faced with the challenges of the aftermath of Apartheid while daring to embrace the sudden influx of freedom which all happened at the same time was daunting. Importantly recognising that this time I needed to choose for myself and make my own decisions, while drawing the best out of life. I documented my journey of transformation in a book titled "Trans4mation: Improvement Vs Change" and share the important, but often overlooked essence of making improvements physically, emotionally and spiritually."
Gillian Mercuur lives in Stellenbosch, works as an Office- and Finance administrator at Stellenbosch University. She has two adult daughters. Twenty seven years of working for one of the country's biggest Commercial Banks of which fourteen was as facilitator in Diverse and Change Management has made me a people's person who loves to serve her people. She is currently writing about her unique own experience of transformation in Stellenbosch.
Hobbies: writing, painting, dressmaking and hikes which end with wine tasting.

About Trans4mation: Improvement Vs Change (BookSurge Publishing, 2009) :

Transformation has two important elements, truth and reconciliation. Changing one's behaviour to please another, changing the name of a place or changing one's thoughts to forget is not enough to bring about lasting, sustainable improvement. To make improvement requires of us to face truth. Only proof fits within the parameters of truth. The opposite of truth is pretence, perceptions, deceit and lies. Truth is a higher power, omnipotent, omnipresent and always available. It has been here before us, so no need to seek for truth. In order to live a life of peace and happiness means to make space within our daily lives so truth finds a space to reign in us. To know this amazing power intimately we have to regard it as tangible as well as spiritual. We can measure truth by using our five senses. Where our senses might be impaired, another sense is heightened so we all have the same measurement for 'how it is' in 'this moment'.


Text by Gillian, November 2014

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