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La Gratitude
La Gratitude

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Hester Joubert

Hester Joubert

Author of a book of comfort

Born in Pretoria, Hester Joubert went to school in Stellenbosch and in Canada. After studying in Stellenbosch she became a teacher. She went on to work for South African television as script writer and researcher for documentary programs. Her work has been published by CNA, Lux Verbi, Kings and a number of magazines.
"Sy was redakteur by verskillende maatskappye waar sy ook skakel- en reklamewerk doen. Hester is en 'n geesdriftige leser, aanbiddings-leier en kunste-entoesias."
Now an ordained minister, Hester Joubert teaches on worship and conducts retreats where intimacy with Jesus is demonstrated through prophetic proskuneo worship.She is currently working on a book called "The Bride and the Broadsword". It's theme is the prophetic significance of Biblical brides for the End-Time Church.
"The research for this book is the most exciting journey I have ever undertaken and I hope that by the Grace of God the result will bring greater depth to many a Christian's relationship with Him."

Hester has three children and lives with her mother, who is also her best friend.

Krokus En Saffraan: 'n Moedhou-boodskap vir enigeen wat die realiteit van verlies ervaar, Lux Verbi, 1997
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"The Secret Place of Psalm 91 is the place of intimate worship.In this Place we encounter the fiery Heart of God,where love burns so fiercely that our old sin nature is incinerated and selfish agendas are reduced to ashes. Nothing remains but Proskuneo Worship - devotion so focussed on its object that it can be represented by the posture of a dog licking the hand of a dear master,or the innocent yet fervent caresses of a parent and child who have been too long separated,or the intimate closeness of spirit between a devoted married couple. The Shulammite of the Song of Songs encounters this Refining Fire in the wilderness. It leaves her so weak, she can no longer rely on her own resources but has to lean heavily on her Lover's Arm. She is changed for ever. Powerful in her complete reliance on the All-Powerful. Radiant with the love of Love Himself." From "The Bride and the Broadsword" ( © Hester Joubert July 2002. All international rights reserved.)

Text by Hester Joubert, July 2002

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