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Mikael Grut

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Mikael Grut

Author and editor of 6 books of non-fiction

Was lecturing at the Forestry Faculty of Stellenbosch University, 1961-77

Mikael Grut, a Danish national, was born on 18 August 1932 in Bangkok, Thailand, to a Danish father and a Swedish mother. Attended school in Sweden, 1939-50. Lived in South Africa 1952-56 as a student (one year in Cape Town and three years in Stellenbosch) and 1961-77 as a Lecturer and then Senior Lecturer in the Forestry Faculty at Stellenbosch University. Worked at the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) in Rome 1977-81 and at the World Bank in Washington 1981-94. Now works as consultant and writer.

Studied philosophy at the University of Copenhagen 1950/51, sciences at the University of Cape Town in 1953, forestry at Stellenbosch University 1954-56 (three years), economics at the University of Stockholm and forest economics at the Royal Swedish Forestry School 1957 and 1958. Obtained the degree Doctor of Forest Science in Forest Economics from the latter institution in 1970.
Mikael Grut lives in Wimbledon, England. He is married to Marina I. Grut (née Keet) from Stellenbosch. They have a daughter and two sons, all born in Stellenbosch, and six grandchildren.

Awarded Certificate as Founder Member of the Southern African Institute of Forestry, of which he is also a Life Member


Mikael also translated and published a selection of his mother's great-grandfather's travel diary. See Olof Wijk.

Forestry and Forest Industry in South Africa
A.A. Balkema, Cape Town/Amsterdam, 1965

Pinus radiata, Growth and Economics
A.A. Balkema, Cape Town/Amsterdam, 1970

Forest Pricing and Concession Policies: Managing the High Forests of West and Central Africa.
Co-authors: John A. Gray and Nicolas Egli. Publisher: World Bank (Technical Paper No. 143), Washington DC, 1991. ISSN: 0253-7494

Forest Production and Biodiversity Conservation in Ghana, and Proposed International Support of Biodiversity Conservation.
Co-authors: William D. Hawthorne and Musah Abu-Juam
The Centre for Social and Economic Research on the Global Environment (CSERGE), London, 1998
. University College London and University of East Anglia (CSERGE Working Paper GEC 98-18). ISSN: 0967-8875

Gospel 2000 (as editor)
Cromwell Publishers (a division of First Century), London, 2001 ISBN: 1-901679-93-4

"Olof Wijk's North American Diary of 1829", edited and translated by Mikael Grut,
SAG Publications, P.O. Box 2186, Winter Park, Florida 32790-2186, USA; ISBN 0-9616105-2-2.
Notes by the specialist on Swedish-American history Dr Nils William Olsson.

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Text by Mikael Grut, April 2002

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