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J F W Grosskopf

1885 - 1948

Johanes Grosskopf

Playwright and author of prose and translations
Professor of Economics at Stellenbosch University, 1920 - 1935

Johannes Friedrich Wilhelm Grosskopf was born on 25 November, 1885, as the son of a Lutheran minister. His mother came from a family of missionaries.
He matriculated from Grey-College in Bloemfontein and studied languages at the Stellenbosch University, (MA 1906).
After a year of teaching, he continued his studies in Europe where he read Literature, Law and Economy at universities in Germany, Austria and Switzerland (1908 - 1913). He obtained a Dr. jur. at the University of Leiden.
Grosskopf took part in General Pienaar's rebellion and turned journalist and editor of Ons Vaderland and Die Volksblad. In 1920 he became professor of Political Science at Stellenbosch University and Head of Economy at the Department of Agriculture in 1935. In the same year he joined Sangiro on an expedition to German East Africa.
He published his first short stories in 1903/04 in The South African News and other stories in Ons Moedertaal and Die Huisgenoot. He did many translations from French, German and Swedish, was interested in the Arts and published a book on Pierneef.
Johannes Grosskopf died on 3 July, 1948, at Pretoria.

Awards and Honours:

Hertzog Prize for Afrikaans drama in 1926
Honorary Award of the SA Akademie vir Wetenskap en Kuns for film making 1931

'n Esau: bosveld-drama in vier tonele, 1920
Die peswolk, 1924 (his first one-act play)
Drie eenbedrywe, 1926
As die tuig skawe,1926
Ou Leeumelker, 1938
Die klipdolk en ander kort-spele, 1941
Legende, drama uit ons volksverlede, 1942
Ou Leeumelker en ander vertellings, 1945
Die daad van Koedri en twee ander kort toneelstukke, 1946
Die vloek, 1946
Padbrekers: 'n mensetragedie, 1947
Hendrik Pierneef, the man and his work, 1947

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