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H.L. Frisch

Harry Frisch

1928 - 2007

Author of 2 edited books on classical fluids

Distinguished Professor of Chemistry
Emeritus at the State University of New York at Albany

Harry Lloyd Frisch was born on 13 November 1928 in Vienna, Austria.
He studied Chemistry at Williams College and the Polytechnical Institute in Brooklyn, where he obtained a PhD in 1952.
1952 -54: Research associate in Physics, Syracuse University
1954 - 55: Instr, U So, California
1955 -56: Assistant Professor
1956 -67: Member of the technical staff at Bell Telephone Laboratoriums, Murray Hill, New Jersey
1967 -78: Professor of Chemistry, SUNY, Albany

1978 - : Distinguished Professor of Chemistry
1969 -71: Associate Dean, College Arts and Sciences
1963 -65: Visiting Associate Professor of Physics, Yeshiva University
1960: Institute Study Metals, University of Chicago
1963 - 65: Assistant to Dean, Belfer Graduate School, Yeshiva University

Frisch retired in 1999, but remained active in his field. Upon winning a Fulbright scholar grant in 2002, Frisch spent a semester at South Africa's University of Stellenbosch, where he lectured and conducted research on "Physics and Physical Chemistry of Macromolecules and Stiff Polymers."

Harry Frisch died on 21 September 2007. He had 2 sons: Benjamin and Michael.


1987 -89: Senior U.S. scientist Award of the Humboldt Foundation
2000: Joel Henry Hildebrand Award of the American Chemical Society in the Theoretical and Experimental Chemistry of Liquids

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Edited monographs: The Classical Theory of Fluids- Equilibrium Theory, edited by H.L. Frisch and J.L. Lebowitz,Benjamin, New York, N.Y. 1965

Simple Dense Fluids, edited by H.L. Frisch and Z.w. Salsburg, Academic Press, New York, N.Y. 1968

Information by Harry Frisch, April 2002

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