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Tom Dreyer

Tom Dreyer

Poet and author of novels

Tom Dreyer was born on 17 November 1972 in Cape Town. He matriculated from Paul Roos Gymnasium and studied at Stellenbosch University (BA and BA Hons in English, cum laude) and at the University of Cape Town (MA Creative writing under Etienne van Heerden, cum laude).
Tom published some of his poems in the collection Nuwe Stemme (1997) , some are found in Gerrit Komrij's Duisend en een gedigte. He also painted and made sculptures.

Tom lectured English at Stellenbosch University for a year and works now as a programmer at ViSoft in Stellenbosch.
See also Tom's Baracuda Verwey photo stories in LitNet.

Eugene Marais Prize for first (or an early) publication 2001

Erdvarkfontein, Tafelberg, 1998
Stinkafrikaners, Tafelberg, 2000
Equatoria, Tafelberg, 2006
Polaroid, 2007
Dorado, Penguin Random House, 2016

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