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Chris Coetzee

Author of didactic music books

Chris Coetzee holds both a BMus and a BA (Language and Culture) degree from Stellenbosch University and is in the process of completing a HonsLitt (Latin) and a postgraduate teaching certificate.
He started playing the piano at the age of two and began formal lessons when he was six. He is a singer and multi-instrumentalist, specializing in the piano, organ and saxophone. He also plays the cello, clarinet, violin, harpsichord, flute and guitar. He has lectured in Organology (the study of musical instruments) at Stellenbosch University and has recently been appointed part-time lecturer in Arrangement.
He teaches a broad variety of other subjects including Music Theory, Piano, Organ, Singing, Latin, Mandarin and Ancient Cultures. He also works as a music researcher, arranger and typesetter.


Musical Instrument Series:
Saxophone and Clarinet
(all New Holland Publishers)

Information by Chris Coetzee, September 2004

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