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Theological Seminary
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Theological Seminary

Pierre Simond, South Africa's first author (adapted from a paper delivered at a meeting on 26 March 2004 in Montpellier: Les Veilles Afriquaines ou Les Pseaumes de David mis en vers françois - a First Religious and Literary Writing from South Africa)

Pieter Coertzen

Pieter Coertzen

Author of books on Church Law and Cultural History
Professor of Theology at Stellenbosch University
Head of the Department Systematic Theology and Ecclesiology

Pieter Coertzen was born on 20 April 1943 in Boskburg, Transvaal. He studied at the universities of Pretoria ((MA, cum laude, 1970) and Stellenbosch (MTh, cum laude, 1969 and DTh, 1976).
Nov 1970 - Sept 1974: Minister of the DR congregration Dundee
Oct 1974 - Dec 1976: Student Minister of the DR congregration, Potchefstroom-North
In 1977 Pieter Coertzen joined Stellenbosch University as Senior Lecturer in Ecclesiology and became Professor in 1988.
1995-1997: Dean of the Faculty of Theology
2003: Extraordinary Professor in Comparative Church Law, Catholic University of Leuven
2004: Extraordinary Professor, Faculty of Theology, University of Stellenbosch.

Piet Coertzen is married to Maria Aletta Coertzen, née Scheepers. They have three daughters: Ciska, Karlien-Heleen and Alma.

Functions at Stellenbosch University include:
Ex officio member of the Management Committee of the Board of Curators
Member of the Faculty Board of Theology
Member of the Senate of Stellenbosch University

Other Activities and Memberships:
Member of the South African Church Historical Task Group, Chairman of the Ecclesiological Task Group
Member of the SA Academy of Science and Art
Member of the American Academy of Religion
Member of the Ecclesiastical History Society of Britain
Editorial member of the magazine KOERS
Editor of the journal, NGTT
Member of the International Calvin Research Conference

Member, Board of Directors: Huguenot Society of SA
Chairman: Board of Trustees of the Huguenot Memorial Museum
Chairman: Management Board Huguenot Monument
Member, Management Board of Andrew Murray Prize Committee
Actuarius of the General Synod of the Dutch Reformed Church (1994-2004)


Die Regering en Opbou van die Kerk. Stellenbosse Teologiese Studies Nr 7 NG Kerk Uitgewers, 1981.
Die Ring: Sy samestelling en werksaamhede, NG Kerk Uitgewers, 1984
Die Herroeping van die Edik van Nantes, Oktober 1685, NG Kerk Uitgewers, 1985
Herroeping van die Edik van Nantes en die betekenis daarvan vir Suid-Afrika, Instituut vir Reformatoriese Studie, 1985
Post Tenebras Lux: Die Hugenote in Suid-Afrika: hulle koms, vestiging en invloed (1688-1988), Instituut vir Reformatoriese Studie, 1988
Die Hugenote van Suid-Afrika, 1688-1988: Gedenkboek by die 300-jarige koms van die Hugenote na Suid-Afrika, Tafelberg Uigewers, 1988
The Huguenots of South Africa 1688-1988, Tafelberg Publishers, 1988
Vanaf Genève na die Suidpunt van Afrika. Stellenbosse Teologiese Studies nr 17, NG Kerk-Uitgewers, 1989
Gepas en Ordelik: 'n Teologiese verantwoording van die Reg vir en in die Kerk. RGN, 1991
Bridging Gap Between Past and Future, Onclin-lectures, Leuven. February 1998
Church and Order, Peeters, Leuven 1998

Pieter Coertzen is co-author of 18 further books.

Information by Pieter Coertzen, September 2001/2004

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