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W. S. Barnard

Barnie Barnard

1935 - 2010

Author of geographical publications
Professor of Geography at the University of Stellenbosch until 1995

Wilhelm Stefanus Barnard (Barnie) was born on 20 November 1935, at Calitzdorp. He studied Geography and History at Stellenbosch University (BA 1956, MA, cum laude,1959 - Thesis: Political-geographical Aspects of South West Africa) and obtained a D.Phil. in 1964. Thesis: Regional patterns in South West Africa.
1960: Lecturer in Geography, Stellenbosch University; 1966: Senior Lecturer; 1971: Professor of Geography, retirement at the end of 1995
1996: Temporary Lecturer in Geography and Environmental Study, Stellenbosch University
1997: Research Fellow, Stellenbosch University
He was married to Ingeborg Aleida Hettasch in 1961. Children: Eleanor, Christiaan Rudolf and Carl Stefanus (1971 - 1995)
W.S. Barnard died on 29 August 2010.

Academic interests: History of Geography, geographical thought, political geography, arid regions, Namibia
Overseas experience:
Visited Australia in 1966 (July - December) with an Ernest Oppenheimer Memorial Grant; the Federal Republic of Germany in 1978 (May - July) on the invitation of the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD); Switzerland and Federal Republic of Germany in 1994 (May - June) with a Stellenbosch University Grant; visit Germany, UK and Ireland (July 1995) with a Centre for Science Development Grant; attend IGU conference in The Hague (August 1996) with Stellenbosch University Grant; visit Bundesarchiv, Berlin (Germany) (July 1996) with Human Sciences Council Senior Research Grant
Member, South African Geographical Society, 1959-1994; Member of Council, South African Geographical Society, 1972-1985; President, South African Geographical Society, 1979; Life Member, Society for Geography, 1964-1994; Full Member, South African Academy for Arts and Sciences, elected 1984; Member, Simon Van der Stel Foundation, since 1988; Member, Society of South African Geographers, since 1995
Hobbies: Hiking, travelling, reading   Favourite quote: Dare to reason! (Immanuel Kant)

Award: Stals Prize for Geography 1990


The Arid Regions, Stellenbosch University Publishers and Book Sellers, 1965
Our New World (2nd revised ed., with J W van der Spuy and JJ Oosthuysen. A textbook in two volumes for Senior Secondary Geography. Afrikaans and English versions), Maskew Miller, 1967 & 1969
South Africa: The Country and its Regions (With P Smit and JA van Zyl), Nasou, 1972
Our New World (3rd revised ed. Editor and co-author with A Nel. A textbook in 3 volumes for Senior Secondary Geography. English and Afrikaans versions), Maskew Miller/Longman, 1973/1981
Spatial Ordering: An Economic-geographical Perspective (With JN Steyn), JL van Schaik, 1976
Compass on South West Africa/Namibia (Editor), Society for Geography Spec. Publ. 5, 1985
Conceptions of Geography, Centre for Geographical Analysis, Stellenbosch University, 2001
Introducing Stellenbosch, Centre for Geographical Analysis, 2004

Contributions to books:
"The geographical background". Chapter 2 in: SP Cilliers (ed): The Western Cape: A Socio-economic Investigation, Kosmo Publishers, 1964
"The earth's crust and landforms: A related whole". In: IG Nicol (ed), Geography and the School. Society for Geography Special Publication 4, 1980
"The Border War: After 19 years." In WS Barnard (ed), Compass on South West Africa/Namibia. Society for Geography, Special Publication 5, 1985
"Diverging geography and the radical contribution: A review". In: J Mouton & D Joubert (eds), Knowledge and Method in the Human Sciences, Pretoria, HSRC, 1989
"Walvis Bay and the Penguin Islands" Chapter 6 in GME Leistner, P Esterhuysen & R Cornwell (eds), Namibia 1990: An Africa Institute Survey, Africa Institute, 1990
"From obscurity to resurrection: The lower Orange River as international boundary". In: WA Galusser (ed), Political Boundaries and Co-existence, Berne: Peter Lang, 1994
"Encountering Adamastor: South African founding geographers and their regional geographies". Chapter 19 in a volume of readings edited by A Buttimer, S Brunn & U Wardenga, Text and Image: The Social Construction of Regional Knowledge's, Leipzig Germany: Institute for Regional Geography, 1999)

Text by W. S. Barnard

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